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4 large seismic events shook Northern Culberson and Reeves Counties Texas

These large magnitude seismic events occurred just days before a February 22 "operator led response plan" (OLRP) is due for submission to the RRC.

Permian Wastewater Diverting To Escape Regulatory Controls

Infill Thinking follows up on their our number one water management theme after a big firm with water disposal exposure talked extensively about the impact of seismicity on water flows...

Induced Seismicity in the Permian Basin

Could the shut-in of an SWD well by regulators constitute a force majeure event under the applicable contract?

Addressing seismicity will transform water disposal

Operators will need wide range of new data.

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The biggest event of the year in the produced water business is just weeks away, and the event's superior quality is only possible with the support of our Platinum Sponsors. Today we want to recognize and thank one of those, Sourcenergy, for all they do for the industry and this forum.

Thank You Platinum Sponsor: B3 Insight

We recognize and thank B3 Insight today for being a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming Oilfield Water Markets Conference. This is B3's second consecutive year as platinum sponsor of the event!

Thank You Ranch Water Sponsor: WaterBridge

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Wellspring Hydro project aims to turn produced water into profit

Looking to turn the Bakken’s largest waste product into profit, Wellspring Hydro plans of building a facility that can process produced water into materials such as Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda, and even Lithium.

Projects to address water, air pollution in Permian Basin grow along with fuel demand

As oil and gas markets continued to grow along with operations in the Permian Basin early this year, so too did efforts to mitigate the environmental impacts of the industry.

WV House Changes Bill to QWeaken Oversight of Oil and Gas Tanks Closest to Public Water Intakes

A bill easing aboveground storage tank regulations was rendered significantly more lenient toward oil and gas tank operators by an amendment.

Produced Water Management Stings EQT’s 4Q21 Costs / Well

The increase in average well costs was due primarily to changes made during the fourth quarter of 2021 to the Company's expected frac pace to mitigate impacts on the Company's produced water position due to system constraints. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Company turned in-line the first well pad in West Virginia supported by the Big Water Network, the Company's internally-developed water infrastructure project

Price Hikes Are Indeed Killing E&P Capex [2022 E&P Thesis Tracking]

4Q21 earnings season takes the longest of any earnings season to play out, but reports are starting to trickle in. And with them we are getting some interesting first looks at how far E&P spending is going to go in 2022.

NMSU develops research plan for reuse of produced water

The produced water research plan focuses on identifying the research, development, testing and evaluation needed to enable the state of New Mexico to establish standards for the treatment and safe fit-for-purpose reuse of oil and gas wastewater for industrial and commercial applications to improve economic development and fresh water supply security and sustainability.

Going with the Flow

In 2022, more and more industry groups, think tanks, and regulators will be trying to change oilfield water management that for the better. Movers and shakers are realizing that the ground is already moving and shaking.

Intentions and plans to build new SWDs dropped nearly 7% in January 2022 vs December 2021.

Sourcenergy reports a decrease of 6.8% in the number of public notices of intent to drill new SWD wells in the Permian Basin for the month of January 2022 vs December 2021. January totals come in at 41 vs 44 in December 2021.

Texas Water Trade announces milestone water purchase to protect Matagorda Bay

Texas Water Trade today announced a milestone three-year agreement to purchase firm water to support Matagorda Bay, a rich coastal ecosystem on the Gulf of Mexico fed by the Texas Colorado River.

Oil prices recoup losses as Russia-Ukraine tensions stay high

Oil prices recouped losses on Wednesday as investors weighed conflicting statements on the possible withdrawal of some Russian troops from around Ukraine amid tight global supplies and recovering fuel demand.

NGL Energy Partners LP Announces New Acreage Dedication for Produced Water Transportation and Disposal in the Delaware Basin

The new dedicated long-term agreement spans an area over 300,000 acres in New Mexico and Texas and includes committed produced water volumes and recycled water services.

Biden Energy Policies Cost U.S. Households More than $1000 in 2021

Adding to the pain of inflation and post-pandemic supply chain woes: between cancelling Keystone XL, classification of produced water as toxic waste, and other stringent anti-fossil fuel policies, Biden's government has reached into your pocket and nabbed $1000, and possibly more.

Rig counts see biggest jump in four years as Big Oil clamors to tap soaring prices

The number of drilling rigs operating nationally climbed by 22 to 635 this week, according to oil field services company firm Baker Hughes. Energy companies have added 238 rigs over the past year, a 60 percent from 397 during the same week in 2021.

TRC ID’s earthquake-causing wells

TX RRC identifies 14 wells...


Publicly-held Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona, (OTC Pink: CETI) is announcing the deployment of its first downhole pump and related oil production and water filtration technologies on a 500-acre mineral lease. CETI is formally the operator of record with the Railroad Commission of Texas. Based on an independent geological study, the mineral lease has an estimated 45MM barrels of oil reserves (...over $4 Billion at current market price).

Permian oil output sets record for second-straight month

Production from America’s Permian Basin reached a record high for the second month in a row in January as a red-hot price rally keeps shale drillers busy.

NextMart, Inc. - Acquisition of Oil Field Services Company

NXMR has entered into an agreement to acquire all of the assets and book of oilfield business from Defender Contracting, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, located in Monahans, Texas. Defender specialized in bulk transportation services (e.g., asset-based trucking, chemical hauling, plant to plant transfers, etc.), oil and gas services (e.g., water hauling, drilling and frac site hauling, drilling fluids and kill mud, freshwater and kill mud, and frac tank rental and transport, etc.),

Wellspring Hydro project aims to turn produced water into profit

Many new projects have been announced near Trenton that will diversify North Dakota’s economy while reducing the state’s carbon footprint. One of them aims to turn a common oilfield waste product into valuable materials.

West megadrought worsens to driest in at least 1,200 years

The American West’s megadrought deepened so much last year that it is now the driest in at least 1,200 years and is a worst-case climate change scenario playing out live, a new study finds.


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