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News Digest

Within the past week, the Northern Culberson Reeves SRA has experienced greater than 50 seismic events of M +2.0 and 8 seismic events greater than M 3.0

Capping off the week, a M 4.0 event occurred on Thursday afternoon followed by a M 4.6 seismic event on Friday the 25th, about 50 miles west of Mentone, TX.

No damage or injuries from 4.4 magnitude earthquake felt in Eddy County

A quiet Thursday night at home for Carlsbad resident Sarah Griffith was interrupted by shaking from an earthquake whose epicenter was in West Texas.

Midland Utilities Director named standards co-chair of Texas Produced Water Consortium

The City of Midland announced Tuesday that Utilities Director, Carl Craigo, has been named co-chair of the standards subcommittee of the Texas Produced Water Consortium.

Water Mergers and Acquisitions Soared in 2021 as Sustainability, Infrastructure Concerns Drive Investment

There were 498 announced deals in 2021, a 34% increase over 2020, with a disclosed deals worth $80 billion. There were 13 water-related transactions that topped $1 billion last year. Water related mergers and acquisitions surged last year, showing a focus on strategies to tackle sustainability issues, quality concerns and failing infrastructure, according to a review of the deals from Bluefield Research.

REPLAY: Sourcenergy Presentation, Part 2: The Commercial Impact Of TX Seismic Response Areas

The 2nd annual Oilfield Water Markets conference took place in early March 2022. In this replay, you can watch Part 2 of the presentation from Sourcenergy CEO Josh Adler.

Orion Diversified Holding Co Inc. Announces a Significant Acquisition in the Heart of the Permian Basin

320 Acres in Ward County Texas held by production, 100% Working Interest - 75+% Net Revenue Interest. 5 producing vertical oil and gas wells and 1 permitted injection well. Water injection easements are already in place.

Webinar: How Much Water Injection Capacity is in the Permian?

Joseph Quoyeser comments.

Army Corps Looks to Rework Water Permit to Limit New Pipelines

Army Corps is giving anti-fossil fuel people a new tool to use against the industry.

The Urgency Of Water Scarcity

John Durand, XRI President & Chief Sustainability Officer, builds on the Morgan Stanley research report, “A Deep Dive on the Water Crisis,” discussing the urgency of water scarcity.

Water management: The shaking continues

Last month's column discussed the impact of the Railroad Commission’s (RRC) development of Seismic Response Areas (SRA) and the impact that these actions were having on produced water management in the Permian basin. Since the writing of that column, a third SRA has entered the mix.

Texas rig count jumps again as need for oil grows

The U.S. rig count climbed again this week as sanctions against Russia mounted and global demand for oil grew.

Shale Gas Rig Count Is Nearly Back To Pre-Covid Highs. Oil Is Not. [Chart Of The Day]

Although $100+ oil has gotten most of the attention lately, gas drilling activity has actually outperformed oil drilling activity since Covid on a percentage basis.

Texas oil and gas jobs make biggest leap in over a decade; second highest in 30 years, group reports

Employment in Texas oil and gas production jumped by more than 5,000 jobs last month, making it the biggest leap in over a decade and the second highest in 30 years, the Texas Oil and Gas Association said in a statement.

Another Ideal DAF is on its way to the Oil Field to treat 2,000 GPM!

Congrats to our friends at World Water Works on the latest deployment...

WATER TALENT POOL: Surge Energy Hiring Environmental Specialist

Surge Energy has an open position of Regulatory & Environmental Specialist, Air Compliance:

Roll Up Your Sleeves – Plug & Perf Alternatives Deserve Another Look As SimulFracs Evolve [SimulFrac Series]

Earlier this month, Stage Completions completed their first Lower 48 “dual frac” job in the Permian pumped by Liberty horsepower. “Dual fracs” could become the next leg up in SimulFrac operation efficiencies...

Without Water There Is No Oil Boom

Without water, there would be no unconventional oil and gas boom. Few points that we need to focus as we may enter another round of Drilling:

Upstream cash machines

Upstream has never made so much money. The brutal cost-cutting in the downturn primed oil companies for the V-shaped recovery last year. Even higher oil and gas prices resulting from the Russia/Ukraine conflict are delivering undreamt-of cash generation in 2022. The writer asked Tom Ellacott, SVP Corporate Analysis, what the industry might choose to do with the money.

Solving the Water Woes in Oil and Gas Operations [Tetra Technologies Blog]

One of the biggest challenges confronting the oil and gas industry is water management, especially in unconventional operations.

Earthquakes shake the Permian Basin

Audio report from the Permian on the quakes...

Oil prices to move on search for Russian replacements

Analysts are keenly focused on whether Arab members of the OPEC alliance or other producers will step forward to replace oil from Russia as war, sanctions and other factors its supplies to global markets.

Rattler Midstream Stock: Bullish Energy Play With Growing 9.1% Dividend

During the COVID-19-related economic downturn, many energy companies hunkered down, reduced their debts, and focused on increasing their free cash flow. That has put them in better financial positions to restart or raise their dividends.

Drone Flyby Of Water Pit

Pit construction and geosynthetic liner system install by Patriot Environmental

From Oil-Based to Water-Based: The Dramatic Evolution of Fracturing Fluids

As world demand for energy increases, enhancing the efficiency of oil and gas production is key. Horizontal and multi-stage fracturing have made a huge difference in recovery. Fracturing fluids have played a key role in these gains – reducing costs and lessening fracture damage. Now fracturing fluids can be more sustainable as well, helping with your company’s ESG goals.

Breakwater's Jason Jennaro Comments On Recent Earthquakes

Railroad Commission of Texas SRAs are a first step but it’s important to remember that ~50 billion barrels of water have been disposed of mostly into basement formations. Over a decade, this has consequences and requires collective action over an long time.

California plan would pay farmers to grow less to save water

California would pay farmers not to plant thousands of acres of land as part of a $2.9 billion plan announced Tuesday aimed at letting more water flow through the state's major rivers and streams to help restore the unique habitat in one of North America's largest estuaries.

Frackers in the US face series of constraints in easing fuel prices at the pumps

Supply chain issues, low inventory, a shortage of sand, and investor worries are preventing hydraulic frackers from immediately increasing production to help alleviate the rising cost of gasoline in the United States, according to independent domestic oil and petroleum producers.

Is Frac Sand Undersupplied? We Joined The Debate On LinkedIn

It has surprised many folks how fast the sand market has flipped from surplus to deficit over the past 3-4 months.


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