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This week, our team is making the rounds in the Marcellus. More specifically, Pete’s in Pittsburgh. Now what could he be doing up there you might be wondering… stay tuned, big news is coming soon from Oilfield Water Connection to all our industry friends interested in Appalachian E&P and water management!

Fairly light week for oilfield water news, but there are still some good stories to digest below… have a great rest of the week.

Here is this week’s industry news…

News Digest

Gas Plays, Eagle Ford, and DJ Basins Are The 1Q22 Drilling Standouts [Chart Of The Day]

With 1Q22 in the books, here’s a look at how drilling activity in the key basins performed.

Roll Up Your Sleeves – Plug & Perf Alternatives Cuts Water Usage By 1/3rd In Fracs [SimulFrac Series]

Updated sleeve technology in fracing consumes 1/3rd less water than a typical frac because crews don't need to pump down the guns.

Blackbuck CEO Talks ‘ESG-centric’ Water Management Business

Blackbuck Resources CEO Justin Love discusses his company’s ESG-focused strategy and initiatives to overcome water management challenges in the Permian Basin.

Evoqua Water Technologies Completes Acquisition of Frontier Water Systems

Evoqua Water Technologies (NYSE: AQUA) announced that it has purchased the remaining equity of San Diego-based Frontier Water Systems, LLC. Evoqua initially announced its majority investment position in Frontier Water Systems in October 2019.

Texas Groundwater Protection Committee Information Update

Information regarding the next Texas Groundwater Protection Committee quarterly meeting has recently been posted online. Please go to the Texas Groundwater Protection Committee website and click on “Meetings” in the blue banner at the top of the homepage. The Meetings webpage lists the Committee meeting date, time, and location information and provides a link to the agenda.

New study: What if there weren't any long distance natural gas pipelines built in U.S.?

What might sound like an unlikely scenario is the subject of a new study by the Department of Energy, which studied what would happen to natural gas demand if no more interstate pipelines were built.

WATER TALENT POOL: OVV Seeking Senior Production Engineer

Check out the job listing here...

Flyover of Ranch Pond Built By Mustang Extreme

Private ranch pond ready for boating and fishing!

Recreational Lagoon Filled With 20-25 MGAL By Basin Water Resources

Four RO Feed Water Booster Pumps, and Two RO Trailers with 500 gpm of single pass RO water direct to the lagoon.

Quarter In Review: Infill Thinking’s Top 10 1Q22 Updates

Never a dull moment. In 1Q22, the global macro focus rapidly shifted from the pandemic (where did all the Covid headlines suddenly go???) to fears about WWW III as Russia invaded Ukraine. Here's what Infill Thinking members were reading...

How Rising Oil Prices Turned This Texas Scrubland Into an Energy Stock Worth Fighting Over

An unexpected consequence of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was to turn a Gilded Age Texas failure into a modern jackpot. The demand for non-Russian oil and natural gas has ignited the value of 880,000 acres owned by Texas Pacific Land in the energy-rich Permian Basin.

Lawsuit says EPA didn't protect Montana rivers from pollution

A conservation group has filed a lawsuit against U.S. environmental officials for alleged failure to intervene after the Montana Legislature rolled back longstanding water pollution rules.

WATER TALENT POOL: New CFO At Martin Water Midstream

David Malkowski joins the senior leadership team...

Sand Could Hold Up South Texas Completions

This week, the short update is that things have only gotten more difficult for frac crews to stay sanded in South Texas.

Yep. They Are VERY Busy At The Permian’s Biggest Sand Plant!

We can confirm with boots on the ground that U.S. Silica is very busy in the Permian in late-1Q22...

Texas rig counts jump again as those in other states decline

The U.S. rig count rose modestly this week as global demand for oil remains high, with Texas pitching in much of the added production.

REPLAY: Sourcenergy Presentation, Part 3: The Art of Seismic Self-Defense

Practical strategies for defending assets, mitigating risk and finding opportunities in the new seismic landscape, including: getting ahead of the problem with planning and early warning systems, how to contextualize seismic events, the best defense is a good offense, and creative planning and design for new SWDs...

Water, Sand & Trucking Hamper USWS Frac Crew Utilization

This week, US Well Services confirmed earlier reports about their frac supply chain challenges during 4Q21 and shared the unfortunate news that these problems have carried over into 1Q22 but are getting better now.

Tailwater Capital Announces Equity Commitment to Form Renovo Resources

Tailwater Capital announced an equity commitment in Renovo Resources, a newly created company that will develop greenfield produced water treatment projects across North America.

Critical fire warning issued for several counties in the Permian Basin

The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning for all of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. This warning comes after a combination of strong winds and high temperatures as well as humidity that the area has experienced for weeks at a time.

Pennsylvania Republicans fight for standing to challenge fracking regulations

Despite being denied several times to fight the Delaware River Basin Commission in court, GOP legislators took another swing Thursday to show the Third Circuit they have standing to fight the fracking regulations.

Bad water to the rescue?

The National Alliance for Water Innovation is bringing together water researchers and business partners from all across the country to “develop a portfolio of technologies that enable 90% of nontraditional water sources to be treatable at a levelized cost comparable to today’s marginal water supplies.”


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