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Very busy news week in oilfield water – tons of great stories in today’s digest… but first…

We are excited to announce that our July 29th Marcellus Shale Water Business Update Conference has just opened for registration with strong industry support. Multiple speakers and sponsors were confirmed even before announcing this conference.

You can see all the Marcellus event details on the new conference website here and read about it the launch the press release here. Networking options include an industry outing to the Pirates vs. Phillies rivalry baseball game the evening before the main event.

We are beginning to talk with potential speakers about the topic outline we’ve formulated with input from industry leaders. If you (or someone you know) would like to share perspectives on stage, please email us at hello@oilfieldwater.com.

There are also some special sponsorships available at this event if you want to reach the movers and shakers in this market – opportunities like WiFi, the case study callout, and reception are likely to go fast. The VIP suite at the ball game is already taken. So don’t spin your wheels if you want brand recognition as a sponsor / exhibitor at the event…

We’ll keep you posted as this event continues to build momentum, and we hope you’ll plan to join us if you have any interest in Appalachian water handling!

Special thanks to Gemini Shale Solutions and Energy Water Solutions for their support in exporting our conference platform from the southwest to the northeast. And speaking of exporting unique platforms, we also offer congrats to one of our our March conference Platinum Sponsors, B3 Insight, on their Bakken water data launch last week!

Here is this week’s industry news…

News Digest

The Marcellus Shale Water Conference Opens For Registration With Strong Industry Support [July 29, 2022 | Pittsburgh]

Oilfield Water Connection, the premier event platform for shale water executives, launches a new conference for northeast shale produced water management.

Equitrans Midstream Announces First Quarter 2022 Results

On March 1, 2022, the previously announced 10-year mixed-use water services agreement between ETRN and EQT became effective. The water services agreement includes an annual revenue commitment of $40 million for the first five years and $35 million for the remaining five years.

Optimizing Water Management In North Dakota

B3 recently launched their new OilfieldH2O Platform for ND water data. Why North Dakota? The increasing importance of Bakken production highlights the need to optimize water management decisions by leveraging data and analytics.

Large Haynesville Water Midstream Company Marketed For Sale

A Haynesville Water Midstream and Logistics Company has retained Energy Capital Solutions, LLC to pursue strategic alternatives. The Company is the largest independent energy waste management, logistics and disposal business in the ArkLaTex region with assets including 13 SWDs, a water transfer station, and a solids waste separation facility, all centered around increasing ArkLaTex regional volumes via pipeline while operating in a “truck light” manner (40% of water volumes enter its facilities through pipes).

BLOOMBERG EXPOSE: Oil Boom Turns Texas Into the Earthquake Capital of the U.S.

Years of fracking in the Permian Basin have lead to a sharp increase in the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes damaging homes.

The Commercial Impact of Texas SRAs

Inside this report you'll discover:
Which operators are at risk?
What are the actual produced water (PW) restrictions on the SWDs?
What are the volumes of PW, operator by operator, that are impacted?
Where can you send your PW?
Which SWDs still have capacity within the SRAs (and who is closest outside the SRA)?

Pennsylvania House of Representatives passes package of bills that would reverse frac ban

This package of bills would significantly diminish the strength of the Delaware River Basin Compact (DRBC), an inter-state agreement between Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware which created a commission to oversee regulations in the Delaware River. It would also increase Pennsylvania’s power in voting within the commission.

TETRA Earnings Report

Tetra's focus on produced water treatment and recycling continues to generate good results with four new recycling awards in the first quarter, including their first recycling project for a midstream company.

Select Energy Services Posts 2021 Sustainability Report

Select Energy Services focuses on developing sustainable water and chemical solutions every day, with a commitment to conservation & reuse.

Antero Midstream Announces First Quarter 2022 Financial and Operational Results

Fresh water delivery volumes averaged 87 MBbl/d during the quarter, a 16% decrease compared to the first quarter of 2021.

U.S. rig count continued its climb this week as Ukraine war drives demand

The number of drilling rigs operating nationally climbed by 3 to 698 this week, according to oilfield services company Baker Hughes. Energy companies have added 258 rigs over the past year, a 59 percent increase from 440 during the same week in 2021.

Just In Case You Need Another Reason To Put Water On Pipe...

Train hits into 18-wheeler in Midland...

Good News Could Be Brewing For E&Ps In The Water Hauling Market

For the first time in a long time – really since the pandemic started – we are starting to see reports about softening in the mainstream trucking market. An interesting, even surprising, inflection in the mainstream narrative around trucking is worth watching for everyone in the water and frac supply chain.

The Permian Basin Oil Field Is Running Out of Workers, Materials—and Cash

Drillers in America’s most prolific oil region face long delays and rising costs as supply-chain crunches mount

Select Energy Services Water Business Growing Fast...

The Water Services segment generated revenues of $163.6 million in the first quarter of 2022 as compared to $140.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2021 and $64.2 million in the first quarter of 2021.

Rattler Midstream Reports First Quarter 2022 Results

Produced water gathering and disposal volume increased 10% y/y to 845,835 bbl/d.

Cost Inflation And Delays In Impacting Oilfield Water Operations

Steve Coffee writes: "Inflation is impacting every business, and those in the water industry are no exception. From lead pipe replacements to treatment plant repairs, Circle of Blue reports that rising prices are causing utilities to delay projects, posing a serious threat to federal infrastructure investments..."

Vista Water Solutions Shares Details On Their North Reeves Water Facility

This post shares details on the company's first facility in Texas. They also operate in Oklahoma...

Insights Regarding Methane Intensity in the Permian

Overall we have seen a concentrated effort by energy companies to use this energy and not flare or release methane. The story is not out in the public space, and we need to share it with others to let them know of the impact that the energy industry has on making American gas the cleanest natural gas in the world.

The oil-in-water measurement knowledge gap

In the oil & gas industry, for every barrel of oil produced there are approximately five barrels of water co-produced. If produced water is to be discharged, the oil content in the discharged produced water must meet a discharge standard.

Here’s What The Pressure Pumpers Are Saying About Fleet Expansion As Prices & Demand Increase

While OFS is getting some credit for being disciplined this upcycle. Many companies across the oilfield value chain are echoing a chorus of “we are sold out.” However… some fleet expansion is still happening.

WATER TALENT POOL: CNX Hiring Water Superintendent In Marcellus

Water team is growing at a leading Appalachian E&P...

WATER TALENT POOL: New SVP Of Ops At Pilot Water Solutions

Chris Humes added as SVP of Operations and Engineering at Pilot Water Solutions. He previously worked at TC Energy and Crestwood Midstream Partners.

WATER TALENT POOL: Select Hiring In Marketing

Open position in marketing at Select...


Check out open positions from one of our March event's sponsors, including roles in: product, engineering, marketing and customer success...

WATER TALENT POOL: Mohan Chahal's New Position at ConocoPhillips

Mohan has started a new position as Williston & Rockies Asset Manager at ConocoPhillips...

WATER TALENT POOL: Norton Rose Fulbright expands oil and gas and LNG team with return of two energy lawyers

Global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright today announced that veteran oil and gas lawyer Craig Vogelsang has returned to the firm as a partner and leader of the oil and gas practice and Alex Niebruegge has returned as a senior counsel. Both join the firm’s oil and gas and LNG team in Houston.

Railroad Commission, MPGCD test water at Lake Boehmer

After decades of unchecked growth, the Railroad Commission of Texas and Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District came together Tuesday to test Lake Boehmer for dangerous chemicals. The tests will hopefully provide answers to the dangers the lake poses.

News On A Carbon Capture Issue With Overlap To Water Midstream

CO2 pipelines, many proposed to run through the midwest, have been proposed to take advantage of Biden administration incentives for CO2 management. But a new report found that the country isn’t ready in terms of safety, and that regulations need to be upgraded....

Podcast: Shell's Shale Exit and Aramco

Shell has now sold major shale assets in both the Permian as well as the Duverney in Western Canada. Does this represent a major shift in direction for Shell, and why would Aramco care...

Balancing Act of Increasing US Oil Production While Cutting Emissions Will Require Tech Savvy

As oil producers in petroleum hubs like Texas prepare to increase production, activists are voicing their concern over the potentially higher emissions that could follow. Finding an acceptable balance for domestic production and emissions will likely require innovation and prudence from the oil sector, with recent developments coming from oil tech, energy service providers and producers.

Gas drillers say 3rd-party monitoring shows greater responsibility; environmentalists remain skeptical

Companies that use fracking to drill for natural gas have begun turning to outside technology to help quash what they describe as a legacy of distrust built by years of bad business practices by some drillers.

State oil, gas reported spills up, COGCC cites better regulations

Spills reported to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission by oil and gas companies increased sharply last year, but the agency says the increase reflects better regulations that result in more spills being detected and more having to be reported.

Crestwood Riding High on Strong Commodity Prices, Oasis Midstream Acquisition

Crestwood Equity Partners LP said its acquisition of Oasis Midstream Partners LP, coupled with robust natural gas and oil prices, helped it drive strong first-quarter results.

Rattler Midstream Continues The Growth Story While Raising The Distribution

Not much capital expenditures is needed in the near future to accommodate growth plans.

In Entertainment News: Matt Damon Thinks The Water Crisis Is The 'Great Global Challenge'

"In an interview with Newsweek, Damon called the water crisis the "great global challenge" of our day. And he's got the statistics to back it up. Every year, nearly a million people die from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related diseases — a child dying every 2 minutes. Millions more suffer from waterborne illnesses that forever stunt their mental and physical growth."

Water scarcity has a solution: Wastewater

Water scarcity is not some far off consequence of the climate crisis. To overcome it, overriding our obsession with freshwater and embracing wastewater will be necessary.

Sask. provincial court judge fines Husky Oil Operations $600K for 2018 process water leak

The pipeline spill sent 2.8 million litres of process water, a byproduct of oil and gas production, into the environment.


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