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The wait is almost over! This Friday, more than 100 water pros will come together in Pittsburgh for the Marcellus-Utica Shale Water Business Update (Jul 29 Pittsburgh). Attending this event are reps from E&P operators that comprise >80% of Marcellus natural gas production, ensuring a very productive gathering! If you are attending, we look forward to seeing you there and you should have received last minute details by email this week (reply if you need a resend).

Also, please mark your calendars for the 4th Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update (Oct 5 Houston). We’ll begin discussion with speaker candidates about the agenda next week!

Now, here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Deep SWD Well Drama – How are Bottomhole Pressures Responding to Escalating Injection Volumes?

Laura Capper shares a historical visual of Bottomhole Pressures in the Permian versus Injection volumes, for each of the major sub-basins...

Reclaim Water Services Commissions A SmartSWD Facility

This Howard County facility’s 35,000 BWPD configuration is ready to scale to 60,000 BWPD capacity over the coming weeks and is providing a great water midstream partner with a high-efficiency centralized produced water recycle facility. Stay tuned for an upcoming SmartSWD recycle facility installation in NM and new Micro-Gas Oil/Water Separator bolt-on installations to maximize oil recovery at existing facilities.

EOG Resources Returns to Utica Oil Window After Exiting in 2020

EOG is ramping up its drilling program and increasing its acreage once again in the Marcellus/Utica, this time along the edge of the Utica’s oil window in Ohio, according to an investigation by The Capitol Forum (TCF).

Gravity Signs Two New Gathering Agreements in the Bakken

To service the contracts, Gravity will construct over 11 miles of new pipelines to gather produced water from two of the largest operators in the Bakken.

Thursday morning earthquake shakes Carlsbad

An earthquake occurring near the New Mexico-Texas border shook Carlsbad Thursday morning as the region saw a recent uptick in seismicity researchers tied to growing oil and gas operations.

WATER TALENT POOL: Congrats To Our Friend Steve Coffee On His New Position

Steve is now Director of International Business Development and Marketing at Produced Water Solutions!

WATER TALENT POOL: Beth Powell Joins FCS as President

FCS is delighted to announce the #appointment of Beth Powell as President of FCS. She was previously at New Pig Energy...

WATER TALENT POOL: CORE Linepipe is hiring...

Field Services Technicians
General Accountant
Production Operator

Marcellus Drilling News Has an Interview with CNX CEO Nick DeIuliis

Last week MDN editor Jim Willis had a (remote) sitdown interview with Nick DeIuliis, the CEO of CNX Resources.

Apache's 2022 Sustainability Report

"97% of water used across U.S. hydraulic fracturing operations in 2021 was nonfresh or recycled produced water."

Positive Pressure Pumper Earnings: Liberty Adding Fleets With Newbuilds & Reactivations

Liberty said they are signing multi-year agreements to deploy two additional Liberty digiFrac™ electric fleets in early 2023 while at the same time announcing 2022 reactivations of idle horsepower...

Positive Pressure Pumper Earnings: Nextier Is Sold-Out!

Nextier said: "we do not expect to add any additional horsepower to the market for the remainder of 2022." That said, 3Q22 sales are forecast to improve 10% as pricing rolls through the fleet...

ConocoPhillips considering sale of US Gulf of Mexico assets

Company has focused on US onshore projects in recent years.

Are You Throwing the Baby Out with the Frac Water?

"Are you like Allegheny County Council, which decided to toss away the undeniable benefits of natural gas development in order to score political points?"

Houston oil and gas companies add 2,000 upstream jobs in June

Some 2,000 exploration and production jobs were added in June in the Houston area. The region has 10,000 more of the so-called upstream jobs than this time last year, TIPRO said in its analysis.

Record-breaking oil and gas tax revenue

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts recently announced the record breaking tax revenues from the Oil and Gas industry. The tax revenue generated has played a major role in supplying the lifeline to many of the state’s everyday needs.

Deep SWD Well Drama – How are Bottomhole Pressures Responding to Escalating Injection Volumes?

As part of a series on Permian SWD water management, Laura Capper shares a historical visual of Bottomhole Pressures in the Permian versus Injection volumes, for each of the major sub-basins.

The Withering Of Lake Mead

The pictures from NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the years 2000, 2021 and 2022 offer a new view into Lake Meads dramatically low #water levels, now at just 27% capacity.

Midland Commissioners making plans for the county after getting water rights back

"If you're in the county and you want development out in the county, you've got to have water. No water, no development."

Mergers & Acquisitions Active in O&G in 2022, but Not in the M-U

Shale energy mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have been quite active for the first half of 2022. However, almost all of it happened outside of the Marcellus/Utica. There was $2.8 billion worth of M&A in the M-U during 1Q22, and $0 in 2Q22.

47 New Shale Well Permits Issued for PA-OH-WV Jul 11-17

For the week of July 11-17, the three Marcellus/Utica states issued 47 permits to drill new shale wells, up 10 from the prior week.

Greene County community has questions after fracking incident at EQT well

“He came down because he knows I work for the gas company. And he found a geyser in his yard,” Gillin said. The geyser was 15 feet high, coming out of an abandoned gas well.

Coterra Energy brings Mobile Oil Learning Unit to Midland

The Museum of the Southwest hosts the MOLU, Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit sponsored by Coterra Energy now through the end of September 2022.

U.S. Became World’s Largest LNG Exporter 1H22 – Will it Last?

Capacity expanded since late last year by an extra 1.9 Bcf/d (billion cubic feet per day), to hit an average of 11.4 Bcf/d, with gusts up to 13.9 Bcf/d. The question is, Will the U.S. remain the #1 LNG exporter of the world during 2H22?

Mystery: Rig Counts & New Wells Go Up, Gas Production Remains Flat

More rigs and more wells getting drilled and completed. Yet natural gas production this summer has evened out and is not increasing. Why?

Baker Hughes Predicts Big Growth Coming in NatGas, LNG

Baker Hughes is VERY bullish on natural gas and natural gas infrastructure (including LNG and pipelines).

Interesting! A water surface photovoltaic demonstration project starts grid-connected power generation in NE China

Imagine if you will PV panels floating on a frac pond in W TX... never say never folks!!


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