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Over the past week, 6 new sponsors joined our October 5, 2022 event. With strong industry support and interest for this conference, all sponsorships and exhibit space is now sold-out, 6 weeks in advance.

This strong industry response to the event so far in advance suggests that it will be a full house and we will likely run out of seats ahead of the event. Space is limited, so please don’t delay registering any longer if you intend to join your peers, customers, and the industry’s top brass at the Houston Hotel this fall.

Event website (including online registration which is still open for general attendance): https://oilfieldwater.com/owupdate4/

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this premium event possible possible.

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Sponsorships Sell Out 6 Weeks Early For The 4th Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update In Houston October 5, 2022

As of today, a full six weeks before event time, all of the standard sponsorships and the exhibit hall are sold-out. Sponsors, exhibitors and speakers include some of the biggest names in the produced water sector. We extend a warm thank you to the sponsors for making this important industry event possible - this kind of response from industry leaders a clear testament to the quality of Oilfield Water Connection events.

WATER DATAPOINT: XRI Reuse Volume Forecast

XRI posted that they are preventing over 365,000,000 barrels of waste water from being injected over the next 12 months, which is an increase of 46% since last spring.

WATER DATAPOINT: ORION Treatment Milestone

The ORION Water Solutions, LLC team set a new company record: over 196,000 bbl./day from a single location.

New Mexico oilfield regulators reach settlement with company

State oil and gas regulators say they have reached a financial settlement with XTO Permian Operating to resolve violation notices at wastewater injection sites in southeastern New Mexico.

Saltwater disposal. Irrigation. Drying rivers. Can this machine solve these problems?

The question that plagues the West Texas energy industry isn’t what to do with all the oil but rather what to do with all the water. Produced water contains a Who’s Who of dangerous periodic elements from arsenic to radium. A company out of Wyoming believes it might have a solution from a 20-year-old piece of technology.

Texas and New Mexico water consortiums working with Department of Energy on produced water research

The multi-year, $5 million software project should help operators better manage, treat and beneficially reuse produced water

Marcellus Produced Water Storage Regulation Update

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently introduced General Permit WMGR163 to allow for short-term storage of produced water at temporary sites. The new permit reduces the approval time and application requirements. This is a significant benefit for E&P operators in the state.

Laredo Petroleum Inc. Reports Higher Water Cuts In Southeastern Howard County

“The Leech package has been on full back for a little more than two months and is still producing significant amounts of water in low oil production,” said Chandler.

Tetra Technologies: Pass The Lithium Please

Tetra Technologies has been growing its legacy frac water treatment and completion fluid businesses.

Industry urged to control its own ESG narrative

“We’ve been applying those principals since before they became an acronym – or a weaponized issue,” said Joe de Almeida, director, water strategy and technology with Occidental Petroleum.

Produced Water Management: An Overlooked Subject In Academia

Despite being critical to the development of all energy resources, water management has received little attention from academics.

US Natural Gas Futures Hit $10 for First Time Since 2008

US natural gas prices rose above $10 per million British thermal units for the first time since 2008, extending a scorching rally driven by persistent concern that global stockpiles of the heating and power-plant fuel aren’t enough to meet winter demand.

IFO Report – PA Shale Production Down Second Quarter in a Row

In Pennsylvania, natural gas production volume was 1,836 billion cubic feet (Bcf) in 2Q22, a slight decrease (-0.9%) from 2Q21. It is the second quarterly decrease in production in a row. It appears that maybe PA has hit a plateau for natural gas production.

Lessons from shale bust helped oil and gas industry rebound from pandemic, report shows

The report's authors found that among the 46 U.S. independent oil and gas companies included in the study, the value of dividends and share buybacks more than doubled to $18.1 billion last year from $8.1 billion in 2020.

EY Report of 50 Biggest E&Ps Shows 2021 Recovery, ESG Focus

The EY study shows U.S. oil and gas producers “recovered and reset” in 2021, posting increased profits of $73.7 billion and $211.9 billion in revenues, with significant deal activity that drove $144.1 billion in capital expenditures.

O&G Private Equity Investment Picks Up in Europe, Falls Off in US

According to the Wall Street Journal, private equity raised $2.98 billion across seven oil and gas funds in the first half of the year. That is 40% lower than the amount raised in 12 oil and gas funds for the first half of 2021–when prices for oil and gas were half what they are now. But over in Europe, private equity investment in oil and gas is picking up!

WATER TALENT POOL: Produced Water Solutions CEO Recognized For Innovation & Sustainability!

Congratulations to JGL Solutions CEO, Jack (Bill) Lantz, for being recognized in D CEO's 2022 Energy Awards for Excellence in Innovation and Sustainability. Congratulations Bill!

Well Costs Rising & Gap Filling… A Look At Why Shale E&P Capex Budgets Are Being Hiked

This earnings season, more than half the public E&Ps we monitor hiked their 2022 budget guidance. Some for the second time already this year…

UPDATE: Saltwater spill near Ray 170 times larger than originally reported

On August 12th, Hess Corporation reported a produced water spill from a pipeline of about 200 barrels. However, state investigators now say the spill is nearly 34,000 barrels and began about three weeks earlier on July 21st. They say the cleanup could take more than a year.

North Dakota oilfield spill estimate grows to 1.4 million gallons; cleanup could take more than a year

North Dakota regulators are investigating the spill of oilfield wastewater from a broken pipeline in the northwest of the state.

The educated roughneck: How Permian Basin's low education levels could impact oil and gas industry

Advances require oil and gas workers to possess or quickly develop digital and other technical skills, which might be good news for workers in major metropolitan areas like Houston, but could make it harder to find qualified workers in the communities that stretch across the Permian, where educational attainment is low and opportunities for higher education few.

Antero Midstream Discloses Fresh Water Delivery Increase

Fresh water delivery volumes averaged 110 MBbl/d during the quarter, a 6% increase compared to the second quarter of 2021. Water Handling revenues of $54mm during the quarter included $21 million from wastewater handling and high rate water transfer services.

TPL Water Results

YTD 2Q22, Texas Pacific Land Trust reported $288mm in EBITDA, and 20% of that is from water services and operations.

Something To Watch - CCR Could Share Results Soon From R&D On Lithium Extraction & PFA Treatment

The team at Crystal Clearwater Resources has been diligently working on the R&D of how LTDis can address hot topics such as Lithium extraction and treating PFAS/PFOA contaminated waters.

Frac Water Sourcing Causing Lower 48 Completions Delays

US Well Services said on their August conference call with investors: "we still are seeing delays from time-to-time for sand and, in particular, water."

Interesting Topic From Across The Pond: Will fracing make a comeback in Germany in face of gas crunch?

As the Ukraine war continues, Germany is scrambling to reduce its dependence on Russian gas. Could fraced gas, long taboo in the country, creep into the energy mix?


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