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De Nora Named Partner for Martin County Produced Water Recycling Center

Through a network of mobile and stationary recycle centers using De Nora ClorTec® technology, the partnership will overcome a volatile bulk bleach market with an unlimited supply of sodium hypochlorite produced on-site, allowing the onshore operations to continue during a time of uncertainty while driving the movement for environmentally conscious mid- and upstream practices.

Diamondback Energy, Inc. Buys FireBird Energy In Midland Basin For $1.6bn Citing High Quality Inventory

Diamondback Energy, Inc will acquire FireBird Energy LLC in exchange for 5.86 million shares of Diamondback common stock and $775 million of cash.

New Mexico, Texas team up to regulate Permian Basin oil and gas wells crossing state line

Oil and gas operations in the Permian Basin – shared by southeast New Mexico and West Texas – boomed in recent years with wells sprouting up around the state line between two states.

Texas Groundwater Protection Committee Meeting Next Week

The public is invited to all Committee and Subcommittee meetings. The Committee meets quarterly with meeting times published on this website and with the Texas Register. Next Meeting Is 10/19 at 1:30pm

Conoco Video On Working In Midland

Employees and community members talk about what it’s like to live in and work in Midland, a city with strong ties to the oil and gas industry...

Water-Plus-Gas Injection on a Bakken Well Pad May Solve Problems That Stymied Shale EOR

Injecting gas plus water proved more effective and less costly than gas-only injection in the Bakken.

Gravity adds gathering, disposal agreements in Midland Basin

Permian Basin oil and gas companies continue to develop water management plans geared toward reducing freshwater use, and water midstream companies continue to benefit.

DT Midstream Closes on Purchase of Additional Ownership in Millennium Pipeline

DT Midstream, Inc. has closed on the $552 million purchase of an additional 26.25% ownership interest in Millennium Pipeline from National Grid.

The California City of Coalinga Will Run Out of Water in Two Months

If the old coal town runs out of water, city bosses say they will be forced to buy more on the private market for obscene prices

Artificial enzyme splits water

Progress has been made on the path to sunlight-driven production of hydrogen. Chemists present a new enzyme-like molecular catalyst for water oxidation.

Investors to Top Permian Producers: Go Get ’Em!

Investors will avoid the oil patch, we were told, until they become convinced that E&Ps are serious about financial discipline. And they did, until they became convinced. Now, they’re back—big time.

Bakken Spill Report

CRESTONE PEAK RESOURCES OPERATING LLC reported Oct. 5 a historical tank battery spill near Weld County Road 49 and 24 3/4, about 9 miles northwest of Keenesburg. An unknown amount of oil and produced water spilled. Historic impacts were found beneath the produced water vault during an environmental site assessment at the tank battery.

Texas Startup Is Creating Clean Hydrogen From Microbes and Old Oil Wells

Astart-up in Texas is using microbes to produce clean hydrogen from depleted oil wells for less than $1 a kilogram. Cemvita hopes that their new technology will support net-zero transition efforts by producing clean, energy-efficient fuel at low cost.

Marcellus DUCs Drop To New Lows

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently published an article observing the number of DUCs (drilled but uncompleted wells) across all of the top shale regions in the country (both oil- and gas-focused) has decreased to its lowest point since the EIA began tracking such data in 2013. MDN plotted the data for the M-U from 2020 to date.

New report finds signs of tightening takeaway out of Permian

Permian Basin operators seeking to move the natural gas produced alongside crude oil are falling victim to the basin’s growing pains.


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