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Railroad Commission Taking Expedited Action in West Texas Seismicity Response

Following the 5.4 mag quake in November in Reeves County, TXRRC is implementing several revisions to the Northern Culberson-Reeves SRA. Specifically, the scope of the plan is being revised following reviews of seismicity data and injection volumes and the SRA boundary is being expanded northward to the New Mexico border, which will increase the size of the SRA from 2,366 square miles to 2,601 square miles. There are 78 active disposal wells in the revised SRA. The target for reducing daily injection volumes in deep disposal wells is being reduced even further. Operators of deep disposal wells in the Revised Response Plan have agreed to reduce the collective volume of disposal from the original target of 298,000 barrels per day by June 30, 2023 to 162,000 barrels per day by that date. This would be about a 68% drop in disposal volume compared to January 2022 before the plan went into effect. And more changes are on the way....

WATER TALENT POOL:  Good BD Folks Available...

Oilfield Water Connection has been in contact with several of our event attendees that are looking for their next gigs in the produced water business. They have good track records in business development and technical sales roles for water treatment / solutions. If you are looking to add to your biz dev bench strength in the year ahead, please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to connect you with the candidates offline. We aren't recruiters and don't charge any placement fees, we are just carrying out our mission of connecting leaders in the oilfield water management markets!   


Opening for an engineer...


Their marketing team is growing...

Surge Energy Drops Some Impressive Stats on Produced Water

Surge Energy America not only has conserved over 3.6 billion gallons fresh water through produced water recycling program in our operations in West Texas, our water infrastructure also removed 2.2 million water trucks off the roads and eliminated about 55,000 metric ton CO2 since 2017!

Nice Visual of Seismic Activity Over the Past Decade

Rob Bruant posts a nice look at U.S. Geological Survey-reported earthquake activity over the last decade.

Shale Producers Make Strides in Cutting Freshwater Use

US shale operators have made big strides over the past few years in reducing the amount of freshwater they use for well completions and other activities while increasing the use of recycled produced water and from other sources, according to the biggest E&Ps’ sustainability reports.

SWD Companies Frustrated By Those That Don't Play By The Rules...

"This company never logged in, never filled out a ticket, and proceeded to unload in both sumps with solids. Burned up two pumps as well as filled offload rack with solids. "

Pennsylvania Natural Gas Production Continues to Dip, 4Q Drilling Below Last Year’s Pace

Pennsylvania natural gas production from horizontal wells totaled 1.88 Tcf or 20.6 Bcf/d in the third quarter, down 0.8% from the third quarter of 2021, according to data from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Pennsylvania Quietly Approves Resumption of Fracking in Dimock

One of the largest natural gas extraction companies in the country is being allowed to resume drilling operations in a Susquehanna County community that has become synonymous with fracking and pollution from the high-volume hydraulic fracture drilling technique.

Water Management: It’s time to look to our future

With cooperation from local/state governments and landowners, water recycling can increase exponentially in future operations.

Chevron Budgets Big For 2023, Permian Basin

Chevron’s Permian spending represents over $4 billion, “remaining by far the most important asset in Chevron’s portfolio,” an analyst said.

Continental Resources names Lawler next CEO

Continental Resources Inc. announced Tuesday that its president and chief operating officer, Doug Lawler, will assume the role of president and chief executive officer at the start of 2023 upon the retirement of William Berry.

Perfect Storm Fuels Massive Natural Gas Price Spikes on West Coast; Northern California Hits $55/MMBtu

Frigid temperatures and unusually heavy precipitation have fueled natural gas demand at a time when storage inventories are low, a drought has reduced hydro-electric power supplies and regional utilities are having trouble receiving coal deliveries.

Oilfield pipeline spill in Williams County impacts farmland

A spill of 292 barrels of propylene glycol and produced water that occurred Monday during a pipeline pressure test impacted farmland about 2 miles north of Ray in northwestern North Dakota's Williams County.

Texas State Rep. Glenn Rogers: Water is Life

Article by state rep on the importance of water. What jumped out to me was his reference to a newly-created “Texas Water Caucus” in the state house. “The Caucus will serve as an educational platform to inform fellow members of our state’s most important water issues, elevate water as a top policy priority, and support the next generation of water champions at the Texas Legislature.” Interested in hearing more about that.

Follow the markets to see where U.S. natural gas activity is high

Wholesale natural gas prices are influencing activity in the U.S. shale basins.

Permian-Focused Laredo Petroleum Rebranding as Vital Energy Amid ESG Emphasis

The name change is consistent with the company’s goal “to ensure everyone has access to the reliable, affordable energy resources needed to power their lives,” according to the firm.

New Mexico state government reaps budget windfall from oil

Economists estimate state government income of nearly $12 billion for the fiscal year running from July 2023 to June 2024. That revenue would exceed current annual general fund spending obligations by $3.6 billion — or 43%.


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