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2 Of The 5 Largest Earthquakes In TX History Have Occurred In The Permian During 4Q22 As Midland Rocked By A Big One Friday...

BIG quake felt in Midland Friday evening. Big. About the same size as the big one in Reeves in November that was felt as far as San Antonio. This will heat up the conversation about water in the Midland Basin headed into 2023. Tx RRC had just taken more action in Delaware Basin last week after the similar seismicity event in November. The scrutiny on and capital intensity of Permian flow assurance and water management will increase following this event not long after the big one in the Delaware.

B3 Insight Shares Newly Updated Permian Basin Seismic Response Area and Operator-Led Response Plan Summary.

"Since November 16th’s 5.4 magnitude earthquake, West Texas has experienced more than twenty 3.0+ magnitude seismic events within the current Northern Culberson-Reeves 25 km SRA boundary. All eyes are on Permian Basin regulators. Through our SRA/OLRP summary, we keep the community up to date on regulatory actions and impacts on water disposal operations.'

Railroad Commission Immediately Responded To 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Near Midland, Deploying Inspectors

The Railroad Commission activated personnel Friday evening, December 16, 2022 in response to a 5.4 magnitude earthquake about a dozen miles north of Midland in Martin County and will take any necessary actions to protect public safety and the environment.

Earthquake impact adds to some Texas oil producers' costs

Permian producers facing higher costs after disposal restrictions...

TXOGA Statement on Recent Activity in Gardendale Seismic Response Area

Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) issued the following statement this weekend.

As earthquakes continue, West Texas prepares for new normal

It might be a bit too far to call it a “new normal”’ for West Texas city and county emergency response teams, but that doesn’t mean dealing and learning to deal with earthquakes isn’t top of mind.

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE: Jake Hendricks Joins Renovo Resources

Jake shares that he is starting a new position as Senior Director Business Development at Renovo Resources LLC!

Fracking waste gets second look to ease looming West Texas water shortage

Aquifers beneath the Permian Basin are slowly running out. Recycling “produced water” should help to slow the decline.

To ease looming West Texas water shortage, oil companies have begun recycling fracking wastewater

Oil and gas companies are increasingly reusing “produced water” as West Texas aquifers are being depleted and the practice of injecting wastewater into disposal wells triggers more earthquakes.

SWD Needed Near Jal

"I am looking for a SWD in the Jal, NM surrounding area that can take (3) loads of Non triazine based H2S scavenger. Trucks would arrive after 12pm today. Approximately 13,500 gallons. Please feel free to reach out as this is a very high priority for us today."

5 things to know about the world's oil forecasts and what they mean for Houston

Over the coming year, the industry will work to produce more energy to capitalize on the needs of America's overseas allies. But they’ll do that against a shifting backdrop tainted by an ongoing pandemic, inflation and a potential worldwide recession, analysts with S&P Global Commodity Insights said last week. Here are five takeaways from the energy experts' report.

Bayswater Releases Sustainability Report

Bayswater is proud to announce the publication of our 2021 Sustainability Report, a retroactive look into the active steps we took in 2021 to responsibly develop domestic oil and natural gas resources.

Tetra Gives Update On First Desalination Of Texas Produced Water

TETRA has obtained exceptional preliminary results from its first desalination of produced water for beneficial re-use pilot project in Texas for a major oil & gas producer.

Permian’s Potential Multi-Billion Dollar Bonanza: Direct Lithium Extraction

In a recent report, Enverus Intelligence Research (EIR) analysts explore the potential production of lithium from produced water in the Permian Basin. Here is some additional commentary on the concept and report.

Lithium from produced water?

Long considered a worthless nuisance, the produced water from oil and natural gas wells may end up bringing yet another treasure to a region already packed with them.

Tallgrass to Add Ruby Pipeline to Robust Portfolio of Natural Gas Assets

Tallgrass has announced an agreement to purchase the Ruby Pipeline. The acquisition of this asset provides access to established markets, an additional ~1.5 bcf/d of natural gas capacity to the company’s portfolio and immediate and strong cash flow to the company.

Evolution Pipeline System To Recycle More Than 500,000 Barrels Per Day Of Produced Water

The pipeline system is a purpose-built large-scale, multi-producer water recycling and produced water infrastructure network capable of recycling and managing more than 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) of produced water.

Shale O&G has Invested Nearly $100 Billion in Ohio Since 2011

Here’s an astonishing statistic: With this latest report, total Utica Shale investment in the state of Ohio since 2011 is nearly $100 billion!


"I decided to reactivate and update our induced seismicity dashboard in response to the big quakes in Midland and Pecos. As far as I know, it's the only place you can see well spots, injection wells, injection volumes, seismic response areas, and earthquake magnitudes all in one spot FOR FREE."

SEISMICITY RESOURCE: Laura Capper Writes About "Deep Well Injection Cuts Can Be Painful"

Following the 5.4 M earthquake on November 16,2022, the Northern-Culberson Reeves Seismic Response Area (NCR SRA) has been subtly expanded, and a response plan has been amended to reduce injection volumes by 50%. The new restrictions mean New Mexico operators will have to expand their business relationships to get water further into Texas. We’ll be more reliant on pipeline networks to navigate the PW to receptive areas.

PA DEP Dings PGE 3rd Time for Causing Muddy Water in Loyalsock Creek

PGE is constructing a natural gas pipeline, a freshwater pipeline, and withdrawals of fresh water for Marcellus Shale-related activities at the site. A November 28 inspection by the DEP noted new violations.

ACROSS THE POND: Australia: Wastewater plan fears for rare turtles

Activists continue to call for a top gas producer's plan to release treated water into a central Queensland river where endangered bum-breathing turtles live to be rejected.

ACROSS THE POND: B.C.'s fracking industry consumed 5.2 billion litres of water in 2021

The volume of freshwater used by the oil and gas industry in 2021 was enough to fill roughly 2,080 olympic size swimming pools. Much of it won't be returned to the natural water cycle, claims a new report.

ACROSS THE COUNTRY: Drought emergency declared for all Southern California

As California faces the prospect of a fourth consecutive dry year, officials with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California have declared a regional drought emergency and called on water agencies to immediately reduce their use of all imported supplies.


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