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Antero Has A BIG Win In Coutroom On Their Failed Water Project From A Few Years Back With Veolia

Antero Midstream was involved in a lawsuit with Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. relating to Antero’s Clearwater Treatment Facility. On January 3, 2023, the Court found that Antero Midstream had prevailed on its claims for breach of contract and fraud, and awarded approximately $242 million in damages. The Court also found in Antero’s favor on all of Veolia’s affirmative claims.

NETL Launches Online Database To Bring Energy-Related Wastewater Streams To Public's Finger Tips

Community leaders and water researchers can now access publicly available online datasets curated and processed by NETL to better understand the composition of energy-related wastewater streams. The data will help mitigate environmental risks and identify possible sources of valuable critical minerals (CMs).

TX RRC Releases Data Visualization On Orphan Well Plugging

"The Railroad Commission of Texas released a data visualization link showing geographic areas where orphan wells have been plugged or will be plugged based upon a work order issued. Through FY 2023, the Commission reports 509 wells plugged or a work order issued relating to plugging," wrote Ryan Lammert, Partner at Uhl, Fitzsimons, Burton, Wolff, & Rangel PLLC. Here is a link to the resource...

Study finds potential in extracting lithium from produced water

Permian Basin operators working to manage the water produced alongside their oil and natural gas have the possibility of turning that water into a significant revenue stream.

KMX Discusses Oil & Gas and Lithium Market Opportunities with Scotiabank

In this update, we dive deeper into: 1) beneficial reuse, 2) the growing seismicity concerns from SWDs, 3) the opportunity to monetize lithium-rich produced water, and 4) KMX for refining.

PetroChina produces first batch of lithium carbonate from gas-field water

PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company has produced the first batch of lithium carbonate from gas-field water in a gas reservoir named Longwangmiao Formation, marking the successful commissioning of the first domestic pilot plant for lithium extraction from gas-field water, according to a report released by the company on Tuesday.

EPA Makes Another Attempt to Regulate O&G via Waters of US

Radicals at the EPA announced a new rule last week aimed at re-regulating all waters once again, putting power over just about everything (including oil and gas drilling) into the federal government’s hands via WOTUS.

Bakken EOR Trial Increased Output by 25%

Liberty Resources' pilot project shows alternating produced gas with water/surfactant EOR mix boosts production and cuts costs in the Bakken Shale.

WATER TALENT POOL: Tim McWilliams Named CEO At Seawolf

Congratulate Tim for being promoted to Chief Executive Officer at Seawolf Water

WATER TALENT POOL: Benjamin Younkin Promotion

Congratulate Benjamin for being promoted to Production Services Manager at Repsol.

WATER TALENT POOL: Gulfport Water Team Is Hiring

Reach out to Josh Thompson if you have any questions or use the link below to apply...


Multiple positions open signal growth in the Bakken, Rockies, and Canada markets...


Trinity Environmental is hiring for the position of Controller.

B3's Rob Bruant Shares Permian Water Disposal Data

These charts show how disposal volumes and locations have changed over the last ten years, predominantly due to the growth of Permian Basin unconventional oil and gas development.

Permian Basin Gets A Win On Ozone...

The EPA recently announced it will not designate the Permian Basin as a non-attainment area due to ozone levels.

Intensified Earthquakes In West Texas May Be Linked To Fracking-Related Activity - Experts

EL PASO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 06th January, 2023) Frequent and intensified earthquake activity in West Texas over the last several months may be linked to fracking-related activity, experts told Sputnik.

Fracking Wastewater May Be The Next Front In Fight Against Growing Drought

With water scarcity a growing challenge for consumers around the country, industries of all kinds are working to ease the burdens they put on supplies. Soon, in Texas, that could include some of the most notorious water consumers of all.

Boil Notice In Midland

A boil water notice for the City of Midland's water system was issued on Jan 5. While not related directly to oilfield, it increases public attention on water issues in the biggest oilfield in the world.

Shapiro nominates former Philadelphia official as DEP secretary

Negrin will take over a DEP that is charged with regulating the oil and gas industry, and has drawn fire from both sides in the past due to actions it has taken including the approval of Pennsylvania’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Trumbull County (Ohio) Injection Wells Resume Operation After 2015 Shutdown

As it turned out, the injection wells themselves were not to blame, but a salvage yard located at the same facility was the source.

Oil Steady Ahead Of Fed Rate Hike Decision

Once again, oil price watchers are looking at U.S. Federal Reserve decisions rather than supply-demand balances, with the community eagerly anticipating Thursday’s inflation data to gauge the extent of upcoming interest rate hikes. The main bullish factor of the past weeks, namely China’s widely expected return to oil markets, is still yet to boost oil prices as trust in Chinese consumption growth remains tepid.

Barclays Sees $15-$25 Barrel Downside If Manufacturing Activity Slows

Barclays: slowdown in global manufacturing activity could lead to increased downside for crude prices.

EIA Chops Price Forecasts for Oil, Gas

Weakened U.S. and global economies, and higher production, will lead to a 10.6% cut for WTI and 9.8% reduction for Henry Hub natural gas this year, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Targa Shelling Out $1B Cash to Boost Permian NGL Pipeline Stake

Targa Resources Corp. has agreed to purchase Blackstone Energy Partners’ 25% interest in Targa’s Grand Prix natural gas liquids (NGL) pipeline for $1.05 billion in cash plus customary working capital adjustments.

Quantum Private Equity Scores Again, With Rumored $4.6B Sale Of U.S. Shale Gas Reserves To Japan

New year, new deals for $19 billion private equity shop Quantum Energy Partners and CEO Wil VanLoh.

Research Indicates TOC and Conductivity Measurements are Reliable Surrogate Measurements for Toxicity

UTEP research partnering with Aris have some interesting findings.

Milestone Environmental opens first New Mexico facility

“This is the first slurry injection facility, able to take all liquid oilfield waste, not just water,” explained Gabriel Rio, Milestone president and chief executive officer. It will also manage associated solid waste.

IN OTHER WATER NEWS OF INTEREST: Warning about aquifer’s decline sets up big fight in Kansas

Kansas water experts are sounding an alarm decades in the making: Farmers and ranchers in the state’s western half must stop pumping more water out of a vast aquifer than nature puts back each year or risk the economic collapse of a region important to the U.S. food supply.

WSJ: Oil and Gas Are Back and Booming

The Haynesville basin in Louisiana and Texas is humming with drillers. Among them is Chesapeake, a fracking pioneer that was in bankruptcy just two years ago.

Mighty Marcellus Dubbed “Undisputed King” of U.S. Nat Gas Production

2022 was a record-breaking year for natural gas production in the United States, with the Appalachian Basin remaining the “undisputed king of U.S. natural gas production.”

Analysts Say New FERC Chair a Consensus Builder, Won’t Attack Pipes

Those who watch FERC and its commissioners say Phillips is not nearly as caustic and confrontational as Glick was–that he is more of a consensus builder.

EQT Eliminates Natural Gas-Powered Pneumatic Devices, Sharply Cuts Methane Emissions

Pittsburgh-based EQT Corp. may be the largest U.S. natural gas producer, but a commitment to reducing carbon emissions led management to spend $28 million to replace or retrofit 100% of its gas-powered pneumatic devices.

What's B.C.'s risk when it comes to fracking-triggered earthquakes?

After three November earthquakes were linked to a fracking operation in northeastern B.C., one scientist asks, is the region a 'loaded bullet' waiting to go off?


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