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We’ll be announcing big news on our fast approaching May 2023 Oilfield Water Markets Conference later today… stay tuned! There are some clues about what this announcement is in the early speaker list on the conference website and also in our story selections in this week’s edition below. We are excited about how great this May 17-18 executive conference is shaping up, and we look forward to seeing everyone there (see event webpage for details and registration).

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

As natural gas prices tumble, new worries for U.S. shale patch

Well completions activity in the Haynesville gas region will need to fall by about 8% to prevent storage from exceeding a limit of 4.3 trillion cubic feet (tcf).

Comstock Cuts Haynesville Drilling 22%

In response to the current lower natural gas prices, Comstock is releasing two of its nine operated drilling rigs and currently plans to spend approximately $950 million to $1.15 billion in 2023 on drilling and completion activities primarily focused on the continued development of its Haynesville/Bossier shale properties and delineation of its Western Haynesville play.

M-U Production Hits Ceiling, Haynesville Surges

The Marcellus/Utica continues to produce about the same amount of natural gas that was produced in 2022–essentially capped at no more than 35.5 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of production.

Chris Wright Gets Twitter Going After His Squawk Box Interview on CNBC

The later part of the interview has been making quite a buzz on Twitter.

Liberty’s Chris Wright Featured In The WSJ & Battling LinkedIn Censors After Sharing Energy Facts

Check out Chris’ post on the issue, and links to the WSJ article.

Permian Oil Production Could Surge By 500,000 Bpd This Year

Houston-based pipeline company Plains All American has predicted that Permian crude output will surge by 500,000 barrels per day in the current year.

WATER TALENT POOL: WaterBridge Hiring

Hayden McEntire is looking for an operations/facility engineer...


The company has an opening for a Field Engineer/Service Technician...

WATER TALENT POOL: Keystone Clearwater Solutions Hiring

Opening for an HSE Manager...

DOE to Invest More than $18M to Treat Wastewater, Recover Valuable Minerals

The DOE Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management and the DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory announced more than $18 million in available funding for research and development projects that focus on oilfield water, as well as management of legacy wastewater associated with coal-based thermal electric power generation facilities, primarily coal combustion residuals waste streams.

Federal Water Tap, February 13: DOE Grant Funding for Treating Oil and Gas Wastewater

A Department of Energy lab offers grant funding for treating oil and gas wastewater.

Rep. Landgraf re-appointed chair of Texas House Committee on Environmental Regulation

State Representative Brooks Landgraf has been selected as the chair to lead the Texas House Committee on Environmental Regulation. Chairman Landgraf was also re-appointed to serve on four other pivotal House committees.

TAEP President Modglin Testifies in Support of RRC Appropriations Request

The Oil and Gas Technical Permitting requests for additional staff is vital to continue this important office, and it’s critical functions for protection of gas distribution systems, the permitting of disposal wells, and our shared goal to recycle more treated produced water for potential applications outside of the oil sector.

Toxic water project sparks controversy with Navajo neighbors

Missed cues grow Native distrust around a New Mexico research project on oil well wastewater.

Will They Ever Learn? Bill passes to spend $13M, create new division to shift New Mexico away from oil and gas

House Bill 188 would create an Economic Transition Division within the State’s Economic Development Department (EDD) and appropriate a total of about $13.4 million to fund the division and provide support for local communities during economic transition. Of course, most of NM’s budget is paid for by oil & gas taxes.

Transforming Produced Water: Turning a Liability into a Valuable Asset

In regions with water scarcity, produced water can help alleviate the demand for freshwater, making it an even more valuable resource.

Wastewater Treatment: Reduction/Removal of Metals, Free and Soluble Organics

#1 in a series… There were several recent posts about WW processing…one was a hit piece which made monstrous allegations, naming companies and even leading w a pic of one of America’s best run refineries…the post presented zero data....

‘How clean is clean enough’ for produced water?

Even if Permian Basin operators used only cleaned produced water in their hydraulic fracturing and completions operations, “There’d still be 14,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water produced every year.”

AOGCC approves produced water injection into Prudhoe Bay gas cap

The Prudhoe Bay unit owners continue to work on maintaining production from the giant oil field, with a current project, just approved by the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, focused on pressure maintenance.

Multi-Year Test of Range Well in SWPA Proves No Air Pollution

Range Resources commissioned and paid for two independent air monitoring studies. The results are now in. According to third-party findings, the Cecil study showed no elevated concentration of air pollution in the area.

The Hill: In drought-stricken states, fossil fuel production jeopardizes limited water supplies

Some of the country’s leading oil and gas producing states are facing drought and water shortages.

Over 230,000 gallons of saltwater spill onto rangeland, creek in northwest North Dakota

The cause of the spill is under investigation.

Report: Improper offloading led to saltwater disposal fire near Alexander

Fire led to one injury and about 300 barrels of produced water being released.


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