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News Digest

Apache Receives Award for Reuse Initiatives

Congrats to Apache, a GOLD sponsor at the upcoming Oilfield Water Markets Conference for this achievement... you can hear their very own Tyler Hussey talk about this in May in Ft Worth! Apache received the Inaugural Industrial Reuse Champions award by the WateReuse Association for their efforts to reuse produced water and minimize freshwater usage.

Kelly Bennet Examines News Cycle Confusion & What Comes Next

If price expectations (and oil well completions) are wrong to the low-side and if as a result, recycling demand decreases, how will we manage our produced water and at what cost?

Stanford study finds wastewater disposal from oil production triggered major earthquake in Canada

New research reveals wastewater injected underground by fossil fuel operators caused a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in November 2022 in the Peace River area of Alberta’s oil sands region. This is the first study to link seismicity in the area to human activity.

WATER TALENT POOL: Tyler Burns On The Move

After almost 5 years with Mewbourne Oil Company, Tyler decided to move on to an exciting new opportunity.

WATER TALENT POOL: Brian Kuh On The Move

Brian is looking for a new role...

Texas Tribune: Thousands of pounds of “forever chemicals” have been injected into Texas oil and gas wells, study finds

A new report from a public health watchdog found that more than 40,000 pounds of PFAS has been injected into more than 1,000 wells across Texas — and warned that the chemicals could pose a risk to public health.

U.S. Energy Association Fireside Chat with Michael Moore, Program Director, USEA and Steve Melzer

The two discuss challenges related to produced water management and disposal.

City protests injection wells at T-Bar Ranch

City of Midland and Pilot Water Gathering Delaware at odds over Pilot’s plans to drill injection wells adjacent to the city’s T-Bar Ranch Well Field.

Midstream Caught In Middle Of Permian Producer Split

Public and private producers are parting ways on investments in the Permian Basin in 2023, with public companies on balance adding rigs as privately backed E&Ps have pulled back.

Water, roads top Midland county leaders’ long-term wish list

Most of the commissioners had overlapping plans, mainly concerning the county’s water source and major roads.

The next fracking frontier: Gas drillers circling Ohio’s state parks after state law change

A bit of a hit job on companies interested in taking advantage of new state law.

Pennsylvania: As DCNR asks to boost infrastructure spending, Republicans see opening on gas leases

The state’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources DCNR) is looking to double the amount of money devoted to infrastructure projects from its oil and gas lease fund.

Oil and OCTG continue to grow, though hampered by labor pressures

Demand for line pipe and other oil, gas products has made things very interesting for service centers

Alberta Energy Regulator issues environmental protection order after earthquake study finds industry link

The order comes after a joint study from the University of Alberta and Stanford University found an industry link between in situ bitumen recovery and the earthquakes that shook the Peace River region last November.

Standard Lithium claims North America’s ‘highest grade brine’ from sampling in East Texas

Standard Lithium announced Tuesday the discovery of a significant lithium brine resource from the sampling of a newly drilled well during its resource expansion work in the East Texas Smackover region.

Texas Senate takes first step toward establishing billions for state’s water supply, infrastructure

Voters would have the final say on whether the state sets aside billions of dollars to acquire new water sources and invest in aging infrastructure.

Advocates Scrutinize Sweeping Texas Senate Water Supply Bill’s Strategy

With the goal of seven million acre-feet of new water supply by 2033, SB 28 would create the Water Supply Fund for Texas within the Texas Water Development Board, which would provide low-interest loans to projects including seawater and brackish groundwater desalination, reuse of produced water from fracking, and transferring water from other states to Texas.

Webinar: Contemplating the End of Fossil Fuels

Rick McCurdy gives an insightful talk on the reality of trying to eliminate fossil fuels. Worth a watch and come out to our event in May in Ft Worth to see Rick live on the main stage of the Oilfield Water Markets Conference!


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