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Only 6 weeks away — the 3rd Oilfield Water Markets Conference is May 17-18 at the Ft Worth Convention Center.

With more of your clients and potential business partners registering daily, now is the time to secure your place at the event of the year for produced water managers.

Details & Online Registration: https://oilfieldwater.com/owmarkets3/

Last year, >325 delegates joined us in DFW. This year’s attendance is expected to be even higher.

Don’t miss the deals, opportunities, networking and knowledge sharing that this event delivers like none other. See you there.

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Basin’s future water supply reviewed

Will the double pull of agriculture and oilfield fracking eventually drain the Permian Basin of all its groundwater and necessitate the very expensive alternative of putting big desalination plants on the Gulf Coast and running pipelines here?

WATER TALENT POOL: Tyler Burns Joins EOG's Water Team, Previously At Mewbourne

Tyler starts a new position as Senior Water Resources Engineer at EOG Resources.

Midkiff farm ready to field test water treatment technology

Several years in the making, a field test utilizing treated produced water to irrigate non-food crops is about to take place on Cody Wilson Farms in Midkiff.

New Mexico Tech touts breakthrough water filtration invention

A newer device created and patented by an NMT mechanical engineering professor has shown major promise in cheaply and efficiently producing clean, usable water from brackish water, seawater and other untreated water. The university is now hoping to partner with private funding to advanced the technology further.

Pore Space Ownership Battle Brewing? What Are The Implications For Water Injection?

Pore space ownership is quickly becoming a top tier issue as the rapidly growing queue of CCS projects move from announcement to development. Check out this post and then come listen to the experts in Fort Worth this May, including Dr. Robert Bruant, Director of Product at B3 Insight, who will lead a discussion on PW's intersection with CCS...

B3 releases comprehensive produced water platform for Louisiana

B3 Insight released of a first-of-its-kind produced water data platform for Louisiana. This platform includes fresh and produced water data, injection and land data, and Louisiana-specific layers such as reserve pits, offshore blocks and wildlife management areas.

Consortium introduces Permian Energy Development Lab

A new consortium is ready to take advantage of the Permian Basin’s vast expanse and position as center of the global energy economy to address energy challenges around the globe. Scientific research “will focus on four main areas of inquiry: Advanced energy, fuels and integration; carbon and materials management; water, land and agriculture; and economic development.”

BUZZ building.... don't miss it folks!

You don't want to miss this event! Coming to Ft. Worth Convention center on 5/17-18th. Register now before it's sold out again!

Natural Gas Leases Drive Record Returns, Benefits for Pa. State Game Lands

Natural gas lease, royalty and right of way payments to the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) will set another record this fiscal year, providing funds to expand and conserve public lands and critical habitats across the state.

Group Monitoring Centre Co. Streams Finds No Impact from Marcellus

For the past 13 years, the volunteers have kept an eye on the streams because of the upswing in Marcellus Shale drilling activity in the county. If there should be accidents, or if fracking fluid should somehow find its way into local waterways, the data collected by the volunteers would prove a valuable resource for evaluating the environmental impact. What have the dedicated volunteers found? Not one darned thing.

Ovintiv's multibillion-dollar deals to expand in Permian, exit Bakken address inventory concern, analyst says

The deal adds years of drilling locations and comes as such acquisitions are getting harder to pull off, analyst says.

Select Announces A New $50mm Share Repo Program

John Schmitz, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, stated, "Select's disciplined capital allocation strategy prioritizes financial strength through maintenance and organic growth capital investment, strategic acquisitions, and a sustainable return of capital program to enhance shareholder value.

Mountain Valley Pipeline's Virginia water permits survive court challenge

A federal appeals court on Wednesday backed construction authorizations for the $6.2 billion Mountain Valley Pipeline project in Virginia, after finding state regulators thoroughly reviewed the project's environmental impacts.

Gasfield driller may fail to reach deadline ‘to be successful’

Aethon Energy needs EPA permission to pump polluted water from the oilfield through the Marlin Well into the underground Amsden and Madison aquifers.

ACROSS THE POND: Study Details Strategy of Bottom-Up Water injection in a Heavy Oil Reservoir

This paper presents the results of a comprehensive study performed to improve understanding of deep bottom-up water injection, which enabled optimizing the recovery of a heavy oil field in South Oman.

Saudis, other oil giants announce surprise production cuts

OPEC announcing a total of 1.66 million barrels of oil cuts yesterday is a clear sign that OPEC and their largest producer Saudi Arabia are and always will be in charge of world oil prices no matter what anyone else thinks. And don't look to the US Shale producers to come to the rescue....

Oil Prices Jump, as OPEC Production Cut Draws U.S. Concern

A Saudi-led move to reduce output among major oil producers pushed prices higher. The White House said it didn’t think the cuts were warranted.

Natural Gas Is the Big Loser From OPEC’s Production Cut

The move by OPEC may end up hurting natural gas companies, which have already struggled in 2023. Natural-gas prices NG00 +3.51% slipped 5.4% on Monday, and were up a penny on Tuesday to $2.11 per million British thermal units. They are down 53% on the year.

Water bills aim to secure state's future

Perry said his proposed New Water Supply for Texas Fund, administered by the Texas Water Development Board, would help finance $190 billion to $300 billion in projects replacing old infrastructure and leading to the acquisition or creation of seven million acre-feet of new water supplies by Dec. 31, 2033.

Texas bills would set state against federal oil and gas regulation, renewables

A Texas bill would bar state officials from helping enforce any federal oil and gas law that contradicts the state’s own laws.

‘Load Up,’ Says Raymond James About These 2 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks

Raymond James is bullish on Select Energy Services.

A billion gallons of water and $278M in cash. Obscure Ohio watershed district hints at future of fracking state parks

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) earned a towering $278 million in leases and royalty payments between 2011 and 2022, selling rights to drill for fossil fuels under some of Ohio’s most beautiful attractions, like Tappan Lake. In that time, it has sold 1.2 billion gallons of water from surface level bodies to fuel the drilling thousands of feet below. Clearly the article’s author views this as a negative, but some interesting information nonetheless.

PA Generates Record $370M from Game Land Leases & Drilling

You might think the Pennsylvania Game Commission gets most of its revenue from hunting and trapping licenses and fees. You would be wrong. PGC allows shale drilling on some of its vast holdings, and leases and royalties generate about 7X the income for PGC than all other sources combined.

Automation in Saltwater Disposal Operations

Methods of SWD can vary based on geographic region, available technology, and type of oilfield setup. Most often, disposal wells and some method of recycling are involved. Here are some of the more common disposal methods:

Higgs pitches First Nations on up to $1.6B in revenue with possible shale gas expansion

Premier Blaine Higgs is pitching First Nations on hefty revenue potential if they agree to allow new shale gas development in New Brunswick.

UN Group with $11T Under Mgmt Demands No New O&G Investments

The group’s members (some of the biggest banks and investment firms in the world) have some $11 TRILLION of assets under management. It’s mind-bogglingly huge. NZAOA issued an edict last week to its members: No new direct investments in upstream oil and gas infrastructure projects for new fields. Period.

Investigation of Fracturing Fluid Flowback in Hydraulically Fractured Formations Based on Microscopic Visualization Experiments

These insights will advance the fundamental understanding of fracturing fluid flowback in shale gas reservoirs and provide useful guidance for shale gas reservoirs development.


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