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News Digest

US Fish & Wildlife to list Dunes sagebrush lizard as ‘endangered’

Eleven years ago, oil and gas operators and landowners banded together to avert the listing of the dunes sagebrush lizard as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Then-Interior Secretary Ken Salazar even visited the area to tour lizard habitat outside of Goldsmith. Now the US Fish & Wildlife Service has announced a proposed rule to list the lizard as endangered under the ESA. The decision serves as the 12-month finding on a petition to list the lizard and satisfies a court-ordered deadline to deliver the finding to the Federal Register by June 29, 2023.

Helped By Margins In Water, TETRA Technologies RAISES 2Q Sales & Profit Expectations...

Revenue is expected to be at the high end of the previously provided guidance range of between $165 million and $175 million. EBITDA is expected be above the guidance range previously provided for the second quarter. Improved Water and Flowback Services margins were cited by management as a contributing factor.

...TETRA Technologies Commences Lithium Feed Study On Arkansas Brine Leases

The second test well TETRA was drilling in the Smackover Formation in Southwest Arkansas has been completed with fluid sampling tests underway. The results from this well will be used to update the previously reported Inferred Resources Study for bromine and lithium. TETRA has also engaged Hargrove and Associates to execute a front-end engineering and design study ("FEED") for a lithium production facility. The lithium plant design will be optimized to share the production wells, injection wells, and pipelines consistent with the previously completed FEED study for the bromine plant, which was completed during the first quarter of 2023.

XRI Shares Its Vision For Growth

XRI Holding’s John Durand Video Interview about the past and future evolution of midstream water, as well as the parallels and differences in the company’s expansion into Canada.

Seawolf Enhances Water Management Operations With ClearBlade's IoT Solution

Seawolf Resources faced several challenges in their water management operations. Monitoring and controlling water pumps and accurately assessing pit levels and flow rates were essential but complex tasks. Existing third-party systems were expensive, inflexible, and required constant support, leading to inefficiencies and potential disruptions. Seawolf Resources needed a comprehensive solution that could offer remote monitoring, control capabilities, and real-time data insights to optimize their water management processes.

Biden's green hydrogen plan hits climate obstacle: Water shortage... Anybody Got Produced Water??

The Biden administration's climate agenda is facing an unexpected challenge in drought-prone Corpus Christi, Texas, where a proposed clean hydrogen hub would require the installation of energy-intensive, expensive and potentially environmentally damaging seawater desalination plants.

Industry builds circular water economy as it leans into recycling and reuse

Water management companies investing heavily in treatment technologies and transport infrastructure as E&Ps continue to shift away from disposal wells, reduce reliance on freshwater.

Drops In The Water Piggy Bank - Storage Plays A Key Role In The Future Of Water Management

Kelly Bennett asks: Why haven’t we done more to capture massive water windfalls?

Mountain Valley Pipeline gets authorization to resume construction

The lead agency overseeing construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline authorized work to resume Wednesday.

Diversified Energy sells off $40 million of non-core assets

Diversified Energy Co PLC a week ago said it boosted its liquidity with the divestiture of around $40 million worth of non-operated assets. The Alabama, US-based oil and gas production company said the assets include around 200 net, non-operated wells which produce around 3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Marcellus Water Transfer Firm Grows

HydroEdge Solutions is now hiring CDL drivers for their water hauling division!

Thank you Johnny Goff from Infinity - We Agree!

"Great conference last year. Expect the same this year."

CCUS Milestone

Rob Bruant writes: "A significant milestone has been achieved in pursuit of domestic geologic carbon sequestration. As of today, more than one hundred Underground Injection Control (UIC) Class VI permit applications have been submitted for geologic sequestration projects."

Hmmmm.... Really?? CNN: Humans pump so much groundwater that Earth’s axis has shifted, study finds

Humans’ unquenchable thirst for groundwater has sucked so much liquid from subsurface reserves that it’s affecting Earth’s tilt, according to a new study.

I Wrote A Book About Water: Here’s What I Learned

Big picture water, but worth a scan. The author's key points include:

1. Our water cycle is changing
2. The problem is also man-made
3. Desalination is no silver bullet
4. The American West situation is dire…
4. … And so is England’s
5. More water storage doesn’t mean more mega-dams
6. Nature provides the answer
7. How we farm *really* matters

WATER TALENT POOL: Marathon Promotion

Samuel Lloyd-Hughes begins a new position as Global Supply Chain Attorney at Marathon Oil Corporation

Permian Slowdown Is Being Felt...

"There is a slow down happening in the Permian right now. There are operators paying on later terms right now. It feels like it becomes this game of who is going to be the bag holder. When the slow down occurs, it exposes the unhealthy companies," writes Stephen Wilson...

Pittsburgh August Shale Water Conference Agenda Update - Coming Together Nicely!

Do you do business in the Appalachian Water Market? If not, why not? The top regional water producers and service players are getting involved with this upcoming event! Check it out and join us...

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:  Susquehanna River Basin Commission Director To Deliver Opening Keynote Address During August 9, 2023 Marcellus Shale Water Conference

Oilfield Water Connection is pleased to announce that Andrew Dehoff P.E., Executive Director at the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, will deliver the opening keynote address at the 2nd Annual Marcellus Shale Water Business Update Conference on August 9, 2023. Other confirmed speakers include leaders from Keystone Clearwater Solutions, Rystad Energy, B3 Insight, EQT, Gulfport, Chesapeake, Equitrans Midstream, Energy Water Solutions, Gemini Shale Solutions, Geosyntec Consulting, ALL Consulting, Diversified Production & more!!

Texas plans over $1B for new water sources, fixing pipes that leak 136 billion gallons a year

The water infrastructure omnibus bills approved earlier this year provide a meaningful down-payment for Texas' long-term infrastructure challenges. Still, and as pointed out in this article, the $1 billion being made available for new water supplies and fixing aging, leaking systems is a drop in the bucket relative to the enormous magnitude of these anticipated costs. Looking ahead, and as I say in this article, Texas needs a financial strategy that included a dedicated revenue stream for our water infrastructure needs. We need to finance our water infrastructure in the same way we pay for Texas parks and roads.

Patriot Shares An Aeration System Teaser!

Company post: "We will have more content soon exploring the benefits of our Enhanced Aeration Systems."

Congressman August Pfluger holds Midland town hall

Congressman Pfluger spoke on a variety of topics, from energy bills, to border security and more.

Electric Shock: Permian Producers Face Looming Shortfall in Grid Power

A new paper warns that meeting emission reduction targets in the top US oil basin will require a fourfold increase in available grid electricity.


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