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Stellar Agenda In Store For Appalachian Produced Water Pros On August 9th In Pittsburgh

The 2nd Annual Marcellus Shale Water Business Update has heavy E&P participation, top notch speakers, a cutting edge agenda... and a baseball game outing. What's not to love? If you are involved in the northeast water or O&G markets, you need to be a part of this... there's still time to register, check it out!

Is The Permian Glass Half Full Of Produced Water?

Proper water management is fundamental to Permian Basin oil and gas production. The production-water management equation has two parts: providing water to drill and complete new wells, and taking flowback and produced water away from the wellhead once production starts. Millions of barrels of water are needed to complete a well on the front end of this equation, but billions of barrels of water are produced on the back end, most of which is disposed underground. As the industry strives toward better water stewardship goals like recycling and beneficial reuse, impacts to disposal options in the meantime can hamstring energy production.

Select Water Solutions' Sustainability Report

Here are some highlights from the report:
- Select exceeded its targets for produced water recycling by 118%, as established as part of our sustainability-linked credit facility.
- Select surpassed the industry average safety performance by 49%.
- Approximately 51% of our workforce, including 35% of employees in management positions, consists of individuals from historically underrepresented racial or ethnic backgrounds.

ResEnTech LLC Celebrated the Publication of their U. S. Patent “Chemical dispensing system and method”

This is the basis of their remote autonomous IoT systems that are successfully working in continuous field operations to conserve and monitor precious produced water resources for storage and reuse, especially in high temperature environments.

JGL Solutions In Action

"JGL Solutions is a proud provider of the microorganisms used in the video below to treat a reserve/cutting pit. Mine Service, Inc. provides all aspects of site work and mixing following our on-site treatment. A powerful partnership that has yielded powerful results for remediating BTEX, TPH, and other contaminants."

No News Is Good News!

Laura Capper writes: "Hi Folks, has anyone else noticed how many earthquakes are going on everywhere, it seems these last couple of months, both Internationally and close to home …Turkey, Mexico, California, across the Midcontinent, the Carolina’s … but the Permian has been "relatively" quiet this last sixty days! Let’s enjoy the respite and hope it keeps lasting…"

Halliburton Frac Activity Slips…

Key quote in this morning's first oilfield EPS press release of 2Q23 earnings season: "North America revenue in the second quarter of 2023 was $2.7 billion, a 2% decrease sequentially. This decline was primarily driven by decreased stimulation activity in U.S. land, which was partially offset by increased artificial lift activity in U.S. land, and higher activity across multiple product service lines in the Gulf of Mexico."

Houston Chron Three Part Series On Zombie Wells [Part 1/3 With Comments From Laura Capper]

Laura writes: "Lessons to be learned about why injecting into certain shallow injection zones poises more risk than it used to! Learn the local "long-history" before you decide where to inject!"

Houston Chron Three Part Series On Zombie Wells [Part 2/3 With Comments From Laura Capper]

Laura writes: "Glad to get the topic of improperly plugged and abandoned wells out to the industry and the public - it is important to the future of the oilpatch and all other programs relying on underground injection, including carbon sequestration, geothermal...blue hydrogen... the balancing act keeps getting trickier!"

Houston Chron Three Part Series On Zombie Wells [Part 3/3 With Comments From Laura Capper]

"There is more of a story behind the story in this 3rd series. As you can imagine, the States are happy to accept federal funds to help mitigate this problem, and are of course unlikely to bite the hand that feeds part of the program, so to speak. But the Federal Funds are being administrated from a political perspective, not a technical perspective."

Webinar: Navigating the Future of Produced Water Logistics with Automation

Select Water discusses leveraging the power of automation to transform your produced water logistics.

Shale revenue doubles for Blair

County’s $173,729 share likely to go toward farmland preservation in the Marcellus.

Texas Pacific Land: Almost Like A Permian Basin ETF

Texas Pacific Land generates revenue through land management and water services in the Permian Basin, with clients including Occidental Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, and ConocoPhillips.

Permian Transfer Crew Availability

New Wave's Midland yard has 2 transfer crews available.

Volt Lithium to collaborate with nanotechnology labs

Volt Lithium Corp. announces strategic collaborations with nanotechnology labs to accelerate North American lithium production and environmentally conscious water management.

The Future Of Produced Water Lies In Recycling & Reuse

“We believe that the future of produced water and the handling of produced water, in the Permian Basin and elsewhere, must lie in recycling and reuse,” says XRI’s Vice Chairman and Chief Sustainability Officer John Durand.

UT Permian Basin is a Co-Principal Investigator in a $1M Grant from The National Science Foundation

The UTPB Texas Water and Energy Institute and the College of Engineering will play a critical role in several areas of research and development including water and energy technologies, carbon and materials management, renewable power, produced water technologies, entrepreneurship, and regional education.

Weld County oil spills for July 18

The following spills were reported to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in the past two weeks.

EPA announces $1.3 million settlement for Permian Basin company

Callon LLC will perform corrective actions at thirteen of the company's oil and gas facilities in the West Texas Permian Basin, resulting in an estimated reduction of over 1.2 million pounds of volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions.

IEA: Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford Hit Record NGL Production

The U.S. and Canada were the biggest drivers of non-OPEC+ supply with the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale and the Bakken drove U.S. NGL production to a record high in April, the IEA said.


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