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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our team, Pete Cook and Joseph Triepke, to each and everyone of you. We are grateful for everything that each of you does to make shale water management sustainable and keep US hydrocarbons flowing. We are humbled by the brainpower, capital, grit, and integrity that we see in the produced water business when we get the industry together at our events. We can’t wait to see you again in May 2024! Enjoy the holidays…

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News Digest

Welcome New Gold Sponsor! Check out The Primus Line®

We start with a warm welcome to a brand new GOLD sponsor that has joined our May 2024 Oilfield Water Markets Conference! Welcome to Werner Rädlinger Holding GmbH & Co. KG. The company produces the Primus Line® system for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes which has been developed in-house. Check out all the early-bird sponsors so far and see event details and registration options here.

TX RRC Issues New "Notice To Oil And Gas Operators" On SWDs [PDF Download]

Yesterday morning (12/19), Texas RRC released updated guidance on disposal well monitoring and reporting requirements for the Permian Basin. PDF download of their guidance here...

Laura Capper Writes Synopsis Of New RRC SWD Guidance

Here's Laura's synopsis of the RRC’s guidance (three options) on gathering bottomhole pressure data for all newly permitted or amended SWDs in the Permian Basin...

Keystone Clearwater Solutions Expands In West Texas

The company announced their expansion into West Texas with a yard located at 5269 W 42nd Street in Odessa. They already have hose on the ground for one of their first projects in the Permian Basin!

It’s The Frac Frac’iest Season Of All! – Infill Thinking’s 2023 Christmas Song Is On Spotify!

A shale Christmas song sure to bring a smile to all our oilfield friends! Produced water risk even gets a shout-out in this instant oilfield classic!

Arguments Heard In Marcellus Injection Well Suspensions

The Ohio Oil and Gas Commission heard two days of testimony last week as it considers whether to reverse the state’s suspension of three fracking waste injection wells in eastern Athens County. The state says the suspension is necessary to protect drinking water.

Cyber Enviro-Tech Inc provides potential solution for seismic activity in the Permian Basin

The company’s solution allows for the remediation of wastewater rather than injecting it deep underground.

Canadian Water Use Performance [Annual Report From Alberta Energy Regulator]

This Alberta Water Use Performance Report shows how water is allocated and used to recover oil, gas, and oil sands resources. This annual report is part of our larger industry performance program, which measures, evaluates, and reports on the energy development activities that we regulate.

Return of the Rockies?

Ted Cross from Novi Labs writes: "Wyoming's Powder River Basin has just set a fresh high for oil production from horizontals, breaking 167k bbl/d, in large part thanks to a single private operator, Anschutz Exploration."

Aris Water Solutions Press Release On Research Grant by the Department of Energy

Aris press released their selection on Dec. 14th. In our previous newsletter on Dec. 13th we carried a project selection list company by company and covered the DOE announcement.

Top 10 Texas Big Picture Water Stories Of 2023

If you want a Texan to lean into a conversation, bring up the subject of water. Life with no water, bad water, or unreliable water is an all-consuming, miserable experience. Many Texans have firsthand experience here. And Texas’ peculiar location at the intersection of perpetual drought and biblical floods makes water a topic of existential concern.

A Whole Lotta Shakin Going On...

Mark Patton's latest oilfield water column talks seismicity and recycling.

The United States is producing more oil than any country in history

The surprising reality is the United States is pumping oil at a blistering pace and is on track to produce more oil than any country has in history.

US frac'ers are back to haunt Opec’s price strategy

Drillers from the Permian Basin in West Texas to the Bakken Shale of North Dakota have ramped up oil production well beyond what analysts foresaw, pushing output to a record just as Opec and its allies put the brakes on supplies in a bid to arrest price declines.

Martin County passes Midland County for most oil drilled

The RRC reported that in September, Martin County passed Midland County for most oil produced in the Basin. Martin County produced over 600,000 more barrels of oil compared to Midland.

Tennessee Sues BlackRock for Misleading Investors re Aggressive ESG

A number of states and even Republicans in Congress have pushed back against BlackRock’s ESG agenda, causing it to lose money. Now the company has a new concern: The State of Tennessee is suing BlackRock for violating consumer protection laws.

EQT Reportedly Eyes $3B Marcellus Shale Selloff - Aiming High For Financial Revival?

EQT is reportedly considering the divestiture of various minority interests in wells located within Pennsylvania's Marcellus shale region, potentially valued at over $3 billion.

M&A: Why companies may pursue alternative deal structures

Merger and acquisition activity in the Permian Basin hit a new record of $100 billion in deals during 2023, underscoring the oil-rich region's appeal, according to Wood Mackenzie. Colin Wittmer, US Deals Leader at PwC, joined Yahoo Finance's Rachelle Akuffo to discuss the M&A outlook for 2024.

Big deals in US shale may not mean boom times are back

High energy prices have generated bumper profits for fossil fuel supermajors, and some are spending big to acquire significant producers in US shale. But, as the FT’s Jamie Smyth reports, this may not mean a return to the boom times for the industry, especially in the American Midwest.

The Great Lithium Rush: Oil and Gas Companies Turn Prospectors

Traditional oil, gas and wastewater players join chemical manufacturers and North American lithium pure-play companies to lift production of the critical material.

Produced Water Toy Drive - Good On you Carson Stewart From Select!!

Meet Carson Stewart, operations manager for the poly and containment service line in Select's Northeast region. Each year, Carson single-handedly organizes a toy drive for for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Mercy Burn Center.

Ex-employees Request Criminal Probe Against Eureka Resources

Pennsylvania State Senator Katie Muth held a press conference with a so-called investigative reporter from the Public Herald and two former employees from the Eureka Resources’ Williamsport frack wastewater treatment facility.

Anti-Fossil Fuels Article: Thousands of Oil and Gas Wastewater Spills Threaten Property, Groundwater, Wildlife and Livestock Across Texas

Anti-fossil fuels activists claim that from the Texon Scar to the Sabine River, produced water spills have impacted soil, contaminated water resources and killed wildlife. But the Railroad Commission of Texas has resisted new regulations.

Japan Buys Big Haynesville Gas E&P

A day before Japan's Nippon acquired iconic company U.S. Steel, their Tokyo Gas arm gobbled up Rockcliff for $2.7bn.

Warren Buffett Just Bought 10.5 Million More Shares in Major Oil Company — What It Means for Investors

Warren Buffett, known as The Oracle of Omaha, increased his stake in oil and gas company Occidental Petroleum on Dec. 11 and Dec. 12, buying an additional 10.5 million shares for $590 million, according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. Experts say the move signals his strong support for the company’s vision.

Interesting Comment Thread On Zac Hildenbrand's Latest Technical Post

Check it out... In one thing not to miss, Apache's Brian Bohm writes: "Seismic activity is going to force a change from business as usual with the RRC. We have never produced as much water on a daily basis as we currently make and that volume is continuing to grow monthly"

Technical Paper: Safe reuse of treated produced water outside oil and gas fields?

A review of current practices, challenges, opportunities, and a risk-based pathway for produced water treatment and fit-for-purpose reuse.

The Value of Construction Oversight and Inspections

A series on “"Produced Water Impoundments - Best Management Practices for Design, Permitting, and Construction"” by our friends at ALL Consulting continues.

As Part of Collaboration with Shapiro Administration, CNX Resources Begins Disclosing Names of All Chemicals & Posting Air Monitoring Results Online in Real-Time

Pennsylvanians can see live air quality monitoring results at two of its well pads in Western Pennsylvania, with plans for CNX to expand the program to all of its well pads.


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