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Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

New Mexico proposes regulations to reuse oilfield wastewater

New Mexico environmental officials have proposed a new regulatory framework for reusing wastewater with a focus on the used, salty byproducts of oil and natural gas drilling in a major U.S. production zone.

Technical Paper: Treated water from oil and gas extraction as an unconventional water resource for agriculture in the Anadarko Basin

Paper gives background and then explores the potential of produced water beneficial reuse in agriculture.

PA Shale Water/Wastewater Company Expands to Texas Permian

Keystone Clearwater Solutions is bringing its oilfield water solutions to Texas from the Marcellus.

Earthquakes in Texas Oil Country Are On the Decline After Crackdown on Shale Drillers

West Texas temblors dropped 10% from record level in 2022. Permian Basin saw pressure spikes from frac-water disposal.

The 11 States Leading America’s Oil Production Boom

New Mexico has seen a dramatic 190% increase in oil production over the past five years, becoming the second-leading oil producer in the U.S. California faces a 30.7% reduction in oil production over the past five years, largely due to political and geological challenges.

WATER TALENT POOL: New Position For Vrajesh Mehta At Oxy

Vrajesh Mehta begins new position as Manager Water Technology, Analytics, and Development at Oxy.

Liquid Goldmine: Unlocking the Critical Mineral Potential of Produced Water Using Carbon Dioxide

Researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a method of refining "liquid gold" for valuable critical minerals using what many consider traditional waste products: produced water and carbon dioxide.

Drilling under Pennsylvania's 'Gasland' town has been banned since 2010. It's coming back.

Coterra Energy Inc. has won permission from state environmental regulators to drill 11 gas wells underneath Dimock Township, in the state’s northeastern corner — the sweet spot of the largest natural gas field in the United States, according to well permit records reviewed by The Associated Press.

Fracking remains key issue for former Pa. environmental protection secretary

Cringe-worthy puff piece profiles former government official who now leads the charge in Pennsylvania against fracking. The hero-worship is so bad in the article it is difficult to read, but it does give an overview of one of the leaders against the oil & gas industry in Pennsylvania.

Technological Advancements Raise Questions to Ownership of Produced Water from Hydraulic Fracturing

Due to recent advancements in refinement technology, produced water has become valuable as it has been determined that it may contain rare-earth elements (“REE”).

It Could Happen In The Oilfield Too... US water utilities targeted by foreign hackers, prompting calls for cybersecurity overhaul

A Pennsylvania water authority became a victim of an international cyberattack, officials say

UIC For Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Data Update

2023 was another year of vigorous activity in the permitting Underground Injection Control (UIC) Class VI projects/wells for geologic carbon dioxide sequestration.

Produced Water Solutions: Reuse, Recycle, Recover Revenue

Effectively managing produced water can mitigate environmental challenges and even result in revenue streams.

Drought-prone California OKs new rules for turning wastewater directly into drinking water

When a toilet is flushed in California, the water can end up in a lot of places: An ice skating rink near Disneyland, ski slopes around Lake Tahoe, farmland in the Central Valley. And — coming soon — kitchen faucets.

Element3 closes seed investment round

Element3, the critical material extraction company specializing in oil and gas wastewater, announced the successful closure of its seed investment round.

Current Challenges In Oilfield Water Management

Take a look at GWPC's newly updated Primer, "Modern Oil & Gas Development." The 2023 update is intended to share information about the changes and innovation that have occurred over the past decade-plus as #shalegas development has matured.


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