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This week, we are starting to talk with industry leaders about some of the speaking opportunities at our May 8-9, 2024 oilfield water markets conference at the Irving Convention Center. these conversations will continue into February.

If you care about the business side of produced water management, this is the one event in 2024 that you don’t want to miss. Early bird registration is open and you can find details here, or reply this email to discuss getting involved. Some big event announcements are coming soon.

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Southwestern Oilfield Freeze

The Permian, Eagle Ford, Oklahoma, and Haynesville were very very cold this week. In the Haynesville, icy roads shut fracs down. In the Permian and Eagle Ford we heard that completions slowed down and multiple contacts talked about water transfer challenges. How'd you come through the freeze? We'd love to hear from you about the water midstream impact, reply with any thoughts and we'll include them in next week's edition! Fortunately, the southwest is warming up today and above freezing until Friday...

Texas Oil and Gas Association issues winter weather situation report

Localized issues, including compression outages, suspension of water hauling, and instrument performance were experienced overnight but personnel are in place to resolve these issues during the day.

WATER TALENT POOL: Breakwater CEO's Next Chapter

Jason Jennaro shares some thoughts on his next moves - recall that he led Breakwater before Select Energy Services bought the company in 4Q22.

Texas Produced Water Consortium Releases RFP for Analytical Support for Desalination of Texas Oilfield Waste Produced Water

This is the result of years of hard work and support from the TxPWC membership, the Texas Legislature, and the faculty and staff of Texas Tech.

RRC rolls out framework for pilot studies to recycle produced water

The Railroad Commission has created a framework for a pilot program that could greatly enhance environmental protection in Texas with the potential to recycle produced water safely and economically, according to a news release last week.

Oil and gas regulators investigating swarm of earthquakes near Oklahoma City; largest a 4.3 magnitude

Several earthquakes, the largest a magnitude 4.3, shook the Oklahoma City metro late Friday and early Saturday morning. State regulators and the Oklahoma Geological Survey are investigating the swarm of quakes, which centered around the Arcadia area northeast of Edmond.

Earthquakes over magnitude 4 among smaller temblors recorded near Oklahoma City suburb

Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesperson Matt Skinner said the agency is investigating the earthquakes, which he said were in an area known as the Arcadia Field where previous earthquakes were linked to the underground injection of wastewater, a byproduct of oil and gas production.

Using Produced Water To Treat Power Plant's Cooling Blowdown

In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, there has been a concerted effort to reduce the number of purifying chemicals necessary for treating the cooling blowdown of power plants. This approach employs reusing produced water.

Marfa Public Radio Coverage Of West Texas Brine Leak

In the oil fields north of Fort Stockton, a large leak discovered at the beginning of December has joined a growing list of aging oil and gas wells in the area that have sat quietly for decades only to reawaken and spew toxic water.

Oil and gas fighting back as feds, New Mexico increase industry pollution oversight

Oil and gas companies struggled to adhere to New Mexico’s and the federal government’s recent restrictions on methane emissions, said industry supporters concerned the new rules could stymie energy production and the economic benefit it brings to the state.

What is the future of VC investing in water start-ups?

Not oilfield specific, but interesting none-the-less

JGL Solutions

WSJ: The Democrat, the Fracking Executive and the Deal They Struck. Can It Work?

An unusual agreement between Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and a natural-gas driller could serve as a model for finding consensus over an issue that continues to divide much of the U.S.: fracking.

Five produced water, crude oil spills reported in McKenzie, Mountrail and Bottineau counties

The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality has been notified of two produced water and crude oil spills that occurred this week in Bottineau County, and the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division has been notified of two other spills late last week in McKenzie County and one in Mountrail County."

Equipment failure results in multiple oil and produced water spills in Western North Dakota

ND Oil and Gas inspectors have already been dispatched and will be overseeing clean-up and remediation at both sites.

Ellipsis U.S. Onshore grows Permian Basin oil and gas assets, industry addresses pollution

As more oil companies sought to increase their presence and oil and gas production in the Permian, others worked to establish their businesses to address the growing environmental needs of the booming region.

Locus Technologies Unveils Expansion of its Water SaaS to Produced Water Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

Locus Technologies announces expansion of its water management SaaS platform to include management of produced water within the oil and gas industry.

APS introduces water treatment technology for oil and gas industry

Adaptive Process Solutions (APS) has introduced a new product to the market which will help oil and gas producers increase productivity while improving the environmental footprint of their produced water treatments.

Candidates Commit to Fossil Fuels at Iowa’s Republican Debate

On the debate stage and at a separate town hall, DeSantis, Haley, and Trump downplayed climate change in favor of energy independence.

Plan for Gas Drilling Spree in New York’s Southern Tier Draws Muted Response from Regulators, But Outrage From Green Groups

To get around New York’s fracking ban, the plan would use fluid carbon dioxide instead of water to extract methane from shale formations, with the CO2 remaining sequestered underground.


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