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State pushing ahead with governor's brackish water plan amid criticism

The New Mexico Environment Department is pushing ahead with a proposal to tap brackish water and hydraulic fracturing wastewater for industrial use amid opposition from Indigenous and environmental groups that call it a giveaway to the oil and gas industry.

NMED issues Request for Information to develop Strategic Water Supply

The RFI, which closes March 31, 2024, is the first step in developing the strategic water supply. During this phase, NMED is seeking technical and economic information from individuals, businesses, academia, government agencies, and other stakeholders related to the sourcing, treatment, delivery, storage, and industrial uses of brackish water and produced water.

New Mexico governor proposes $500M to treat fracking wastewater

Environmental activists pushed back Monday against an initiative from the governor of New Mexico that would finance the treatment and recycling of oil-industry wastewater, warning that the plan relies on unproven technologies and might propel more water-intensive fracking for oil and natural gas.

Texas blocks oil and gas wastewater wells amid earthquakes. What is New Mexico doing?

“We’re also exploring other disposal options,” Dylan Fuge, director of New Mexico’s Oil Conservation Division, said. “That’s another step we’re taking for water management, looking at other formations for disposal opportunities.”

NGL Energy expands water system in New Mexico’s Permian Basin

The company said its NGL Water Solutions is commencing expansion of its Lea County Express Pipeline System from a capacity of 140,000 barrels of water per day to 340,000 barrels per day in 2024.

NGL Energy Partners LP Announces $2.1 Billion Offering of Senior Secured Notes

NGL announced that they intend to offer, subject to market and other conditions, $2.1 billion in aggregate principal amount of senior secured notes due 2029 and senior secured notes due 2032.

Olympus, CNX Still Blocked from Using Reservoir Water for Fracking

Two customers who sometimes use water from the reservoir (for fracking and drilling) are Olympus Energy and CNX Resources. Both companies were temporarily suspended from using water from the reservoir. The suspension continues…

WATER TALENT POOL: Oxy Looking For Water Logistics Associate

Tonia Jaramillo writes: "I have a few spot open on my team at OXY for Water Logistics Associate. Let me know if you are interested or apply at the link below."

Recovery of Lithium from Oilfield Brines—Current Achievements and Future Perspectives: A Mini Review

Efforts are being made to obtain lithium from unconventional sources, an example of which is the recovery of lithium from oilfield brines. This technical article provides an up-to-date review of the literature in this particular field based on data from different sources (scientific literature databases, patent databases, company websites and industrial online newspapers).

Halliburton Labs joins XtraLit's USD 30 million Round B, form joint venture for Oil & Gas produced water's lithium extraction

Halliburton Labs strategic investment in XtraLit will foster the deployment of direct lithium extraction technology in the Oil & Gas industry, highly demanded metal for the energy transition economy.

Interview with Canadian Entrepreneur Looking to Extract Lithium from Produced Water

Founder of Volt Lithium talks about the background and company. A bit of a sales pitch, but still interesting.

Congrats To Bentsen Falb & Raymond James For Advising On SWD Asset Sale

Tri-State, a portfolio company of CIC Partners, is a leading provider of water transportation and disposal services primarily to oil and gas producers working in the Haynesville Shale. The Company is headquartered in Joaquin, Texas. Tri-State's focus on safety and experienced workforce enables reliable project execution.

Produced Water: A Complex Resource

The Sandhills Area Research Association takes a realistic look at the potential for reusing treated produced water for agriculture.

A Look Behind the Curtain

Architecture firm does a posting about their remodel of the Aris Water Solutions office.

Mining The Treasures Locked Away In Produced Water

A Texas A&M researcher is working to extract critical minerals unclaimed in produced water, often considered an oil and gas operations waste product, while also purifying the water for agricultural use.

Can Coating Proppant On The Fly Help Reduce Flowback Volume?...

Kyle Dahlgren writes: "Recent seismic activity hits close to home here in OKC this weekend, and it's a reminder of my days in the STACK basin. Back then, to manage seismicity, we reduced frac fluid volumes effectively with higher PPG loadings. This paid off with reduced seismic events, cheaper frac designs, and less fluid to dispose of down the line."

...Read More About This PropCoater Tech In This Article [PDF]

Last summer, the new AquaSmart PropCoater technology in the frac space was showcased in an article by Joseph Triepke and the Infill Thinking, LLC team. We are grateful for their forward-thinking approach in highlighting innovations that can move our industry forward. Learn about the latest developments here...

JGL Solutions

Extreme cold weather causing oil spills in North Dakota; 60 reports over past week

Bitter cold weather is causing a rash of spills in the oil fields of North Dakota as well as a slowdown in production, regulators say.

State regulators struggle to contain a leak that’s drenching West Texas ranch land with potentially toxic water

For over a month, the Railroad Commission of Texas has worked to plug a massive leak in an aging oil field near Fort Stockton — spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Fracking waste well issue raised at McKean County meeting

The topic of a hydrofracking waste injection well approval in Keating Township wasn’t on the agenda for the McKean County commissioners meeting, but was raised as a concern nonetheless.

Produced Water: The Next “Title” Wave of Litigation

The fight over produced water has potential to be the next major area of contention in the oil patch, primarily because produced water is a new and unforeseen source of revenue for operators and landowners alike.

Company with shale oil interests seeking to keep rights alive for reservoir on Thompson Creek

Puckett Land Co. is seeking to hold on to conditional water rights that date to 1966 for a 23,893-acre foot reservoir on Thompson Creek, a tributary of the Crystal River just south of Carbondale. Of course, environmental activists are making noise about it.

Clean Alternate Energies: Geothermal Breakthrough Emerges From Shale Revolution

A look at geothermal and the use of fracking and water.

Farewell to One of the Fathers of Fracking

Rest In Peace Claude Cooke! A leader and innovator, and a pleasure to talk to.

Milestone's Stanton Landfill Opens Soon

The facility will receive produced salt water, drilling fluids, flowback and other waste streams...

Overseas but interesting... Water Is the New Oil in the Gulf

In the arid desert landscapes of the Gulf, where oil has long been the region’s economic bedrock, a new narrative is unfolding—one where water’s increasing recognition as a critical and finite resource demands a reckoning.

Not oilfield related but interesting... Colorado pledges to play nice as Nebraska plows ahead on $628M canal at the state line

Though details remain sparse on the new South Platte River project, local water users say, for now, the cornhuskers are entitled to their fair share of the river


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