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2 new sponsors just joined our fast approaching Marcellus Shale Water Industry Update. In Pittsburgh on August 9, Energy Water Solutions will be Notebook sponsor and ISCO will be Reception sponsor.

Thanks to everyone getting involved with this event. It’s coming together very nicely. See you in just 6 weeks! Details and registration>

And now, here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Oil industry tries to escape water crunch

Energy companies in the U.S. are searching for new ways to manage the water they use and produce along with crude oil.

Fix for oilfield’s toxic water problem? Use it.

Texas and New Mexico and oil companies want to repurpose the briny byproduct — known as “produced” water — for uses such as irrigating crops or replenishing dry riverbeds. But the plan is putting environmental and health experts on high alert.

Texas Pacific Water Resources Works with NMSU and the NM Produced Water Research Consortium

Adrianne Lopez Billings says: "The research we will be conducting with NMSU will go beyond what we have discovered using traditional agriculture labs and analyze our crops for bioaccumulations specific to produced water, perform a more in-depth toxicological profile, and help us determine the affect this water will have on the lifespan of the crop, the soil microbiome, and safety of the crop for consumption."

Supreme Court Rio Grande ruling could ripple through other water cases

The Supreme Court’s new ruling that rejected a state-authored settlement in the long-running legal battle over the Rio Grande could bolster the federal government’s position in negotiations over other Western waterways — including the Colorado River.

BLM fetches $34.4 million in high bids from New Mexico, Kansas lease sale

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) received $34.4 million in high bids during its most recent lease sale in New Mexico and Kansas.

JGL Solutions

BuySWD Offers Water Assets Across Multiple Basins...

Kurt Knewitz launched BuySWD.com in 2015 after exiting his first Saltwater Disposal operating company and built it from the ground up to 400+ properties in their portfolio which was once valued at $1 Billion in inventory combined.

Appalachian E&P Sets New Lateral Length Drilling Record

An operator in the Appalachian region drilled 25,366’, or about 4.8 miles, to set yet another new Lateral Length record in North America Land.

New PW Science Alert: Lithium Extraction

Recently, low-energy forward osmosis (FO) technology has been employed in the lithium concentration stage during the extraction of lithium from brine sources.

Lithium for batteries could come from fracking wastewater

A new analysis using compliance data from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection suggests that if it could be extracted with complete efficiency, lithium from the wastewater of Marcellus shale gas wells could supply up to 40% of the country’s demand.

 EPA probe of Texas oil wells could stymie carbon capture industry

The agency is examining whether the state is adequately monitoring underground injection of carbon dioxide and wastewater.

West Texas Water Research Center Coming to Sul Ross State University

The West Texas Water Research Center will focus on establishing research priorities and will provide guidance to local municipalities, agencies and other stakeholders. The new center will also lead the development of curriculum in Water Resource Science which will be multidisciplinary in nature and complement existing SRSU programs.

Optimization strategies for produced water networks with integrated desalination facilities

Maybe I am seeing into the future, but I think this technical report is dated August 2024!

Keystone Recognized By The Pittsburgh Press As A Top Environment Firm

Pittsburgh Business Times recently listed Keystone Clearwater Solutions as one of the top 5 environmental firms in the Pittsburgh region. Congrats!

Oilfield Water Connection Recognizes Keystone Clearwater Solutions For Bringing The Industry Together

6 weeks until the Marcellus/Utica Shale produced water conference in Pittsburgh. Today, we recognize our baseball VIP Suite sponsor, Keystone Clearwater Solutions for their support. Thanks to the Keystone team, ~100 industry folks will gather in the big suite at PNC park to take in the Pirates/Padres game the evening before the main event.

TXO Partners, L.P. Announces Entry Into Definitive Agreements for Assets in the Greater Williston Basin

Bob Simpson says: "This acquisition in the Elm Coulee field represents the return to a region where our team previously had success. We expect the significant oil-in-place targets, with the application of our technology, to create equity value while delivering high returns.”

Strategic Water Management: Reducing Environmental Impact in Hydraulic Fracturing

Researchers from the University of Waterloo have developed a comprehensive strategy to manage water resources in hydraulic fracturing.

The Impact Fee: A $2.7 Billion Boost for PA Communities

Pennsylvania’s innovative natural gas tax and distribution structure has generated billions for local communities, with the $179.6 million 2023 distribution bringing the 13-year total to over $2.7 billion.

Interesting comment about water contribution from hydraulic fracturing

LinkedIn post, rather technical, makes a claim about how much water is contributed to the atmosphere from a well.

Marcellus Shale Coalition Provides Fact Sheet on Unconventional Shale Waste

Document touches on how water and waste from shale production is handled.

Producers say operational MVP is a major hurdle cleared for the state’s gas industry

Now that natural gas is flowing through the Mountain Valley Pipeline, it’s believed the future is much brighter for West Virginia gas producers.

WATER TALENT POOL: Kylie Wright Joins Exxon

Kylie will be Environmental and Regulatory Advisor at Exxon, coming over from Southwestern and previously B3 Insight...

WATER TALENT POOL: Apache Adding To EHS Team In Houston

Opening for EHS Manager - Environment & Compliance...


Opening for a Senior Support Analyst in Pittsburgh...

Maximizing Recycled Produced Water Quality and Throughput

Solugen case study on a chemical treatment they did to help a client with produced water.

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New Mexico considers reuse of oil and gas wastewater amid safety concerns

Proposed rules allow treated wastewater reuse in industry but prohibit river discharges, citing insufficient safety data.

Opinion: NM Plan for 'produced water' doesn't add up

Researcher expresses concerns regarding handling produced water.

Company Talks About What Went Wrong

Refreshingly honest post about how they had their “most costly mistake to date” and who helped them fix it. This involves remediating a produced water spill that occurred on a surface laid PW line in a very complicated buried pipeline intersection.

Community outraged after suffering repeated indignities at hands of oil company: 'We did not get the action that was needed'

Wells abandoned by the oil and gas industry are posing a particular threat in a Los Angeles neighborhood, and residents are fighting an uphill battle to fix the longstanding problem.

Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Listed as Endangered: What it Means for Permian Producers and Frac Sand Availability

Vinson & Elkins provide overview of the impact of the listing of the DSL on oil & gas producers.

EQT Releases 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

One item of note is that they recycled 96% of their produced water.

EPA Offers $850 Million For Oil, Gas Projects to Reduce Methane Emissions

Announcement mentions that funding can be applied to projects focused on reduced methane emissions in produced water handling.

Select Water Solutions Not Yet Selected

Analyst gives an overview of Select. “Select Water Solutions is a well-run company; however, due to the sector's economics and reduced prospects, I rate it a hold.”

Opinion: Iowa’s water needs protection from aquifer raiders

Journalist expresses concern about the growing demand for water from some growth industries.

What is causing the discolored Shreveport water?

"I do not believe fracking directly impacts manganese in the lake water. ... There is when you when you drill a well, you disturb the surface. There is manganese in the dirt. As I said in the council meeting, it is the most common mineral on the planet. So if you disturb the dirt and it washes into the lake, that could be a source of manganese.”

Scientists make headway in understanding causes of human-induced earthquakes: 'Humans have a big effect on the world'

The possibility that drilling thousands of feet into the Earth could cause earthquakes — particularly for the "enhanced geothermal systems" that pump water into the ground, as Yale Climate Connections has explained — is also a reason for trepidation, and scientists have been trying to better understand the danger.


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