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News Digest

Permian’s LandBridge Prices IPO

The Five Point Energy-backed company affiliated with WaterBridge sold 14.5 million shares last Thursday for $17 each after marketing them for $19 to $22, raising ~$250mm...

Five Point-backed LandBridge's shares soar as much as 24% in NYSE debut

Shares of LandBridge (LB.N) jumped above their initial public offering price in their New York Stock Exchange debut last Friday.

Congratulations To The LandBridge Team!

Members of LandBridge (and WaterBridge) team traveled to New York City last week to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange NYSE to celebrate the IPO of LandBridge, (NYSE: LB).

SRBC Approves 7 Water Withdrawals In Appalachian Shale Drilling

MDN writes: "The highly functional and responsible Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC), unlike its completely dysfunctional and irresponsible cousin, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), continues to support the shale energy industry by approving water withdrawals for responsible and safe shale drilling. On June 13, the SRBC board approved 19 new water withdrawal requests within the basin, seven of them for water used in drilling and fracking shale wells in Pennsylvania."

Supreme Court Overturns 40-year Old Chevron Decision Last Friday, Curtailing Federal Agencies' Power

The court's ruling in a pair of related cases is a significant victory for the conservative legal movement, which has long aimed to unwind or weaken the 1984 decision in Chevron v. National Resources Defense Council. Critics of that landmark ruling, which involved a challenge to a regulation enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act, have said the so-called Chevron doctrine gives unelected federal bureaucrats too much power in crafting regulations that touch on major areas of American life, such as the workplace, the environment and health care.

Fracing Is Often Accused Of Using "Lots Of Water". Does It? [Leen Weijers Data Post]

US shale frac’ing uses about 750,000 acre-feet per year, is that a lot? And if so, compared to what? Let’s give these 6 billion barrels of water the context they deserve. Total yearly US water consumption is about 360 million acre-feet. Frac’ing represents a sliver of about 0.2% of all water consumption. For reference, 15,000 US golf courses use 0.5% of all consumption, or 2.5 times more than frac’ing. More stats and a chart in the full post...

Texas v. New Mexico and Colorado: US Supreme Court Weighs in on Federal Interstate River Management

Ripping a 10-year-old case back from the brink of resolution, the US Supreme Court sided in June with the federal government and rejected a settlement among Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado over the management of the Rio Grande, which flows southeast from Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, through New Mexico, and along the Texas/Mexico border. OMM provides insights...

THE ECONOMIST: Why big oil is wading into lithium

What black gold and the white metal have in common

Drowning in Produced Water: E&Ps Seek Economic Ways to Handle Water Surge

Strained disposal limits push beneficial reuse to the forefront for produced water management.

New Permian Truck Wash To Utilize O&G Wastewater

Kurt Knewitz: "Do any of my LinkedIn friends have expertise in wastewater grants here in Texas? I am curious to know if there is anything out there I can utilize for a new Truck Wash concept which utilizes wastewater generated from oil/gas operations as our source fluid for washing oilfield vehicles and equipment."

Why Do Firms That Participate In The Top Industry Conferences Seem To Outperform?

There are 5 key reasons why firms involved with the premier event in their sector appear to do better than those who don't show up: 1) brand awareness and visibility, 2) knowledge gain, 3) networking, 4) thought leadership, 5) commitment to advancing the industry. Let's have a conversation about getting your shop showcased at our upcoming events!

Texas Water Supply Infrastructure Investments: Needs & Opportunities

Yet another water outage in Odessa highlights the $80 billion dollar drinking water infrastructure that Texas now faces, writes Gabe Collins...

SM Energy Acquires XCL In The Uinta Basin In $2.6bn Deal

The E&P M&A train rolls on...

Kinetik Completes Acquisition of Durango Midstream’s New Mexico Gathering and Processing System

Kinetik Holdings Inc. (NYSE: KNTK) (“Kinetik” or the “Company”) today completed its previously announced acquisition of Durango Permian LLC (“Durango”), a robust platform with exciting potential in the Northern Delaware Basin.

A mountain of asset sales loom after oil megamerger era

U.S. oil and gas companies could face an uphill struggle to sell about $27 billion of assets to fund investor payouts over the next few years as the biggest wave of energy megamergers in 25 years nears the end of regulatory reviews.

From The Permian To Australia - New Sheffield Backed Australian Shale E&P Goes Public

Tamboran Resources, Bryan Sheffield's new Australia shale gas E&P operator, priced a 3.125M Share IPO at $24 / share last week. Liberty is involved with an equity stake, and they will be sending a frac crew to the land down under while H&P has been contracted for the drilling.

Is Shale Water About To Become A Big Issue In The Land Down Under?

We wonder how the water cuts and water infrastructure needs look? The company's S-1 SEC Filing (see link below) states: "Unconventional drilling requires large volumes of water (the availability and regulation of which may change over time) and there are costs associated with water disposal that may be required should we produce water in our wells... Produced water must be transported from the leasehold and/or injected into disposal wells. The availability of disposal wells with sufficient capacity to receive all of the water produced from our wells may affect our ability to produce our wells." If anyone wants to attend an oilfield water conference in Sydney Australia, I'm sure everyone on our team will jump at the chance to go on that business trip!

Struggles and opportunities: How the NM economy builds on itself

One example cited is Infinity Water Solutions.


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