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Oilfield Water Connection is pleased to announce that a first-of-its-kind keynote panel discussion will open the fast approaching 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update on October 15, 2021 at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston.


Specifically, the conference will begin with a Keynote Panel titled “Water Midstream CEO Chat.” Participating in this 45-minute fireside chat style discussion will be four of the U.S. produced water sector’s most distinguished leaders:

• Bill Zartler, CEO, Solaris Water Midstream
• Chris Cooper, CEO, Oilfield Water Logistics
• Jason Long, Co-CEO & COO, WaterBridge Operating
• Justin Love, CEO, Blackbuck Resources

Michael Blankenship, a Partner at Winston Strawn, will act as the panel’s moderator, facilitating a big picture discussion that will set the tone for the rest of this event’s exciting agenda.

The fact that this conference will begin with four of the industry’s most highly regarded CEOs gathered on stage at the same time for a panel discussion is unprecedented. This will be a must-listen for anyone working in this industry.


And now the news…

News Digest

The Competitive Advantage Of Fully Integrated Water Midstream At Scale [Site Visit Observations]

During Infill Thinking's Permian Basin trip this month, they had an opportunity to spend the better part of an afternoon with H2O Midstream touring the company’s extensive Howard County water midstream infrastructure. The site visit report details many specifics of the company's infrastructure and operations and provides analysis on building competitive moats in oilfield water. Specifically, large scale fully integrated infrastructure like H2O Midstream's offers unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and optionality and takes capital utilization to new highs...

Groundbreaking Keynote Panel Announced For October 15th Conference – A Chat With Water Midstream CEOs

Oilfield Water Connection is pleased to announce that a first-of-its-kind keynote panel discussion will open the fast approaching 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update on October 15, 2021 at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston. Specifically, the conference will begin with a Keynote Panel titled “Water Midstream CEO Chat.” Participating in this 45-minute fireside chat style discussion will be four of the U.S. produced water sector’s most distinguished leaders...

B3 Insight Launches New Oilfield Water ESG Council

We'd like to congratulate the B3 Insight team on launching an important ESG initiative for the water midstream sector! We encourage anyone interested in B3's new effort to standardize produced water ESG reporting to come out to our next event. On Oct. 15th in Houston, members of the newly formed Oilfield Water ESG Council will talk about the framework they are building to better quantify ESG metrics in oilfield water during a panel discussion....

Connecting the Dots: Breaking the ESG Code

Interesting analysis on how language used in the capital markets is evolving as a result of trends in ESG investing....

Old oil fields may be less prone to induced earthquakes, providing stable places for carbon storage

Subsurface carbon sequestration—similar to saltwater disposal—offers a partial solution for removing carbon from the atmosphere, but like SWD it may also have the risk of higher induced seismicity. SPECIAL NOTE: One of the authors of this study will be speaking on an interesting new panel at our Oct. 15th event! Don't miss it...

MRT On Breakwater Adding Scale To Their Recycling System

A number of influences are shaking up energy-related water operations in the Permian Basin, chief among them concerns about fresh water supplies and the environmental impact of disposal....

Two major water projects underway in northeast Midland

"If you drive up Highway 349 and see all the subdivisions there, yeah, our water system just wasn’t built to service that part of town.”

Lime Rock Resources Agrees to Acquire Delaware Basin Property for $508.3 Million

Lime Rock Resources, reached a definitive agreement to buy oil and gas properties in the Delaware Basin of Texas for $508.3 million from a private seller. The transaction is expected to close on September 30.

Water Pressures Study

A 2-year study of a formation used for saltwater disposal in the Bakken may hold promise of decreasing the pressurization of the formation and increasing the reuse of the briny produced water. Note: this is slightly dated, but hasn't been included in our newsletter yet and is worth a look...

WATER TALENT POOL: Select Energy Services Invests In Driver Safety

Select Energy Services, a leading provider of water and chemical solutions, has a fleet of roughly 2,000 trucks nationwide.

WATER TALENT POOL: Carbonet Grows Team

Ivan Morales, MBA joins Carbonet as Director of Product Management and brings a wealth of experience in water treatment and the oil & gas industries.

WATER TALENT POOL: Goodnight Midstream GC Nominated For Recognition

Grant Adams, General Counsel at Goodnight Midstream, is a finalist for the 2021 Corporate Counsel Award from D Magazine...

An Interesting Will Power Test Emerges For Gassy E&Ps [D&C Activity Channel Checks]

Our channel checks this week, as well as public E&P commentary, suggest big gas operators may not cave to commodity price temptation to reinvest more just yet. The U.S. E&P industry has been pummeled by investors for growing.

All Eyes On Haynesville & Appalachia Frac Fleet Count As Gas Prices Surge [Chart Of The Day]

Spot HHUB nat gas prices are north of $4. In fact, the whole natural gas curve has moved up pretty substantially since the start of 2Q21. The key question now, assuming the bullish commodity price backdrop continues, is how the D&C programs of Haynesville and Appalachia E&Ps react.

Pipeline Break Spews 41,000 Gallons of Oilfield Wastewater

Nearly 41,000 gallons of oilfield wastewater has spilled from a broken pipeline in western North Dakota, impacting an unknown amount of land.

NRDC: Regulation Is Too Weak for Radioactive Oil and Gas Waste

The U.S. oil and gas industry produced an estimated one trillion gallons of produced water in 2017. And this waste—along with drilling and fracking waste--can contain radioactive elements known as “technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material,” or TENORM. A new NRDC report describes these risks and how weak regulations fail to appropriately protect workers and communities.

Rolling Stone: The Oil and Gas Industry Produces Radioactive Waste. Lots of It

Rolling Stone writes that: "a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council confirms Rolling Stone‘s bombshell investigation into the fossil fuel industry’s waste problem..."

U.S. natural gas exports to Mexico established a new monthly record in June 2021

Natural gas pipeline exports from the U.S. to Mexico surpassed 7 billion cubic feet per day on multiple days during June, the EIA said.

XRI Blog: Measuring ESG: Environmental

Measuring ESG for reporting purposes is officially upon us. After developing and implementing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, companies of all sizes are being held accountable for reporting their progress.

North Dakota oil output 'flat as a pancake' amid frack crew shortage

A North Dakota regulator says the state’s oil output is “flat as a pancake” due a lack of crews available to frack wells.

Worker shortage hampers pandemic recovery for North Dakota oil industry

North Dakota's top oil regulator said Tuesday the number of frack crews operating in the state is far below what the industry would expect at current price levels.

Oil field service companies anticipate multi-year recovery from pandemic

Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger reported higher revenues during the second quarter as more economies reopened with the rollout of coronavirus vaccines, buoying demand for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Watch magnets pull critical elements from wastewater

Demand for lithium, cobalt and other critical elements is increasing for the manufacture of semiconductors, wind turbines and batteries, straining the global supply chain and increasing U.S. reliance on imports. Geothermal brines, produced water and other industrial wastes represent a previously untapped source of industrially valuable rare earth elements...

In other random, but interesting water news... meet the water witches of California

“I don’t want to say business is booming, or business is good, but business is very, very, very busy,” Augie Guardino, a second-generation well-driller based in Santa Clara County told me. “When business is good for us, it’s not good for the rest of the community.”

For Those Looking for New Produced Water Handling Challenges, How About the Moon?

Space Industries is leading the way in space resources by focusing on producing water on the Moon to support #NASA #Artemis along with producing Helium-3 for use in Medical and Energy industries on Earth.


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